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Fill your life with adventure, not things.  The experiences that you have will mean far more to you in the future than the size of your bank account. 

Life is adventure

My Family Vacation Ideas reviews the best family vacation places and ideasLong after those suntans have faded the memories will linger on.

Here are a few of our memories and yet unrealised dreams for the future:

At My Family Vacation Ideas we realize every family vacation style will not match everyone's developmental life stage and adventure appetite.

  • We help you write your own family adventure story with reviews, articles, and video reports on family-friendly destinations.
  • We connect you with quality family travel providers and their special offers.

"There have been few better books written, than the stores buried within the pages of a child's well-used passport."

Best Family Travel Places  Worldwide 

These are simply the best family vacation places from around the world with ideas for road trips, resorts, home swapping, vacation rentals, touring, and lots, lots more. With a little planning, your children will stand slack-jawed, gobsmacked in awe of the wonders they experience, and the stories that emerge will get passed on from generation to generation. Family Travel and vacation adventures are where your family  members are going to find out who you really are. 

We also keep track of traveling families and tell you where they are at and share some of their best finds. Let's introduce some of our traveling families now.

The Best Family Vacation Places 

While we were traveling we jotted down a few of the best family vacation places and ideas worldwide.

My Family Vacation Ideas  inspires families to travel in their own unique way, to achieve their full potentialpassions, and purpose in the journey. We'll journey with you (not literally) through some of the best family vacation places, and the top kid friendly activities and ideas in each.

When you are in doubt travel. Travel on special occasions and travel to forget losses.  Travel does the heart good and your children's development wonders. Aristotle said, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all. Through taking family vacations together you not only strengthen family bonds but enhance your child's cognitive development. You not only refresh at the essential playfulness of your own heart and soul, but set your kids on a positive trajectory.  

You recall that playful attitude you had when you were a kid that drove you to: make a mud pie, run under a sprinkler, and climb a tree. This same drive moves mums and dads to set sail on new family vacations and adventures to remember what life is all about and it's all good news for child development. The great educationalist Vygotsky said “in play a child always behaves beyond his average age and above his daily behavior.  In play it is as though he were a head taller than himself". We think the same is true of adventure travel, which is rich with ever new natural and cultural experiences which at the playful spirit of children adore and relish in. You have that chance to put yourself in that happily challenged flow zone again. At (1)"the end of the day your feet short be dirty your hair messy and your eyes sparkling" and you will have had a great vacation.

Set out on your own family adventures and show your kids how to travel in an enjoyable, sustainable, and prosperous way. We will share:

  • family travel ideas and discounts
  • information on how you too can make money on the road and extend your trip into an open-ended family vacation lifestyle like we are doing.

Take your Family to Europe 

Our families shared travel experiences  really began in Asia.  This gave us the opportunity to explore together as well as branch out on a big European vacation. Why not we thought. While we are in this general region of the world.

Know where and when to go on your Europe Vacation. Start your family travel plans here

VIDEO: Travel Documentary - South-East Asia With The Sundance family and Ka Sundance

Caribbean Beach Vacations

Aruba All-Inclusive: Family Itinerary

I can't think of a more family friendly activity than visiting the beach to spend precious time together. We recently spent the last two summers traveling between the northern and southern hemisphere to enjoy an extended summer vacation - including a camping trip down the East Coast of Australia. I can definitely recommend the experience.  Use the search top of screen or the destination links right to find your ideal beach vacation>

Follow our Travels?  (current locations)

We have currently lodged ourselves Down Under where we are planning and researching  an extended road trip staying in inexpensive campgrounds beginning in January.  As soon as we hit the road indefinitely we will begin sending you the regular updates. Take your own family down under and find out Australia's best Vacation spots

From our own family vacation around Australia.

After the rainforest we decided, moving to the outback to give our little girl room to move, was a good idea which would give us more opportunities to travel and explore.

MEANWHILE  Back in Canada

See our own Canada vacation adventures.

Sure is a long way from April's native home of Canada tough. And one can help but wonder if a trip back to North America is not far off on the horizon.

Winter Family Vacation Ideas

With winter fast approaching (somewhere in the world) we have upgraded our top Winter Family Vacation Ideas. Not every family will stay on this luxury yacht this winter but many will have an incredibly good time. Find out what they are doing. Or see our best Christmas family vacation ideas with ideas on how to secure the best deals and unique places to go.

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