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Basically life is too short not to. The imperative to do it now - go on a family vacation - a long one if you can. Eight months ago we closed the door on our storage unit, put on hold our fermented food business, and set off full time, not quite knowing if all the pieces were going to fit together. Of course not all of them have, but we have enough passive income to get from our Luxury Resort Bliss website, and our good memories bank account grows exponentially each day. We are only too happy to share with you how you can do this too.

We have all heard the statistics of how much of our waking lives we are going to spend at work and not with our families, but inevitably we all find ourselves at that point of going through the motions of life, bound by circumstance, and unable to break free of the daily grind. If you want to achieve a financial independence that will allow you to travel and spend endless times with your family on big adventures and vacations together we want to encourage you it is entirely possible.

 Although you may come across the occasional web site / blog, like this one, where families have achieved a level of freedom which allows them to spend time, experience cultures and wonderful natural destinations and make shared travel memories together, the thought that you too could take such an adventurous leap of faith into the world of  open ended  family travel, seems too distant a reality to even contemplate. You want to travel as a family too. But what's the problem? You too could enjoy locations like these and make money visiting them.

Are you afraid if you set out on a family travel adventure you are acting impulsively and compromising your future financial security and that of your children’s future? After all you have worked hard to structure your carefully created world that you live in, even if those structures from prevent you from doing what your heart really desires – to travel with your family. Often the excuse is it's too hard to travel with kids, and you simply settle for dreaming about the the freedom in life you used to have – how you loved travel.


Are you a "real traveler" or "tourist"? Do you like a full itinerary lifted from a guide book, or prefer to plot your way as you go? Each mode has its own virtues and place.  The most important thing is not how but that you do go on an Adventure with your family - before the kids are of to college and are left wondering what happened to the time. Yes they do grow up fast.

If you think it's the bare day to day hassles of travelling with kids that has killed your travel bug and desire for new adventures, your dead wrong. Experiencing new things, places, variety and change are all things that are more likely to effect the adults more than more malleable kids who generally thrive in most travel environments- especially outdoor natural ones which fast track brain development. Look a little deeper and accept your life has been wonderfully enriched by raising kids, and and there isn't any real reason you have stopped travelling apart from your financial fears. You may have also become complacent in your blissful family environment, and don't find the need any longer to seek out full-fulling experiences because your special, perfect children have satisfied all your needs and desires, but if that's not the case there are ways to bridge your legitimate concerns about financial security and gain a financial independence which perfectly compliments a lifestyle of travelling with your family.

If you are simply following your bliss, and deciding each day anew which way the road will take you when you travel, our site is for you. The same goes if you are sculpting out the perfect bullet proof itinerary that is guaranteed never to fail. We understand you don't ant to  waste a single second of your precious travel time and work. We are here to do much of the "hard work" for you.  This site is for all of you to get ideas and choose for yourself if they fit you families needs and interests.

We will share our experiences and tips but what''s going to make your vacation, holiday, or long term travel rewarding is the opportunity which exists before you to find who you really are, as a family, and as individuals.  

Accept your life has changed now that you have kids and roll with it with them – get back into those old travel habits you used to love and make money doing it. Your children will gain a love of life through travelling and sharing new experiences with you they simply can't get from all the old routines in their digital comfort zone. Sitting them down on the couch at home to nurture their type II diabetes  simply can't compare with getting them out there appreciating the healthy, happy, adventures available to them in such a lot of family friendly destinations and experiences around in the real world.  Their appreciation, diversity, change and all the good things which go with family vacations will blossom.  Along the way you as you all grow as a family together, the entrepreneurial skills you learn you can pass on to your kids who will need them in any cast to stay relevant  in the future world of work they will have to navigate (the future world of work and the skills needed will look very different from the skills we learned).

The reality is that the world is your oyster, unless you choose to accept a lower expectation or you don't like seafood, it is now far easier than in any time in history to plan a safe family vacation to a huge number of destinations around the globe. The possibilities for  for willing families experiencing enthralling vacations and financially profiting along the way in today's environment are as bright as ever. Despite the increased security risks in some parts of the world today there has never been a safer time to travel the world with your family and build a  sustainable future together than any other time in history for the innovative and disruptive types – if you know how. Digital technology has meant there is far more competition for those who earn an income in this work-space (like we do) but it also means there are exponentially more opportunities and customers to buy quality products and services, and there are many other portable means of earning an income that rely less heavily on these technologies.

You hear many stories of families stopping their travel because the kids “have wrecked” that experience for them. The reality is more likely like: the experience of having kids is such an overwhelmingly amazing and rich experience and this can make travel seem a little flat in comparison, and I am also here to tell you that any financial concerns you have about open end-ended family vacation travel are legitimate and well founded: if you don't have a plan to preserve and build capital.  

Without a plan and a way to accumulate more income than you spend while on the road you could quickly find your financial balance  sheet in dire straits. Racking up travel debt is as bad an example of managing money and time to your kids as spending all your time at work or wasting your life fearing to get out there and live life for real.  

Not everything you try and not all the locations you visit are going to lead to wonderful experiences but when you set your own course you are way ahead of the pack – a pack expecting perfection out of each destination and experience.  Reading through some travel publications one could get the impression that everywhere on Earth is a glossy, white sand paradise with around the clock family friendly activities running around the clock and the beauty of open ended travel is you don't need to have unreasonably high expectations. Unfortunately having all year round perfect weather and perfectly clear oceans with white sandy beaches is not the reality and the variations can leave you flat if you don't have a sustainable travel plan. Without the essential ingredients which make up a sustainable travel plan  you may wind up thinking you have been cured from the travel bug you had before you had kids.

While the glossy travel websites are happy to pump out unrealistic idealistic images these are only the best case potentialities of travel that help publications secure advertising space but the ignore the reality of life in order to sell holidays. The idea is by creating pressure to get it right and create fear than this is likely to increase your spend.  To many families are out of travel by the pressure to live up expectations these publications can impress on the unsuspecting. Not all family travel looks like the glossy images and nor should it. Family travel can look any way it likes and anyway you like it. Find out for yourself, and make your own glossy memories to look back on, instead of glossing over life wondering “what if...”

In reality there is some real work that need doing if you are really going to make the transformation from the couch world to real world travelling family you need to become. We are here to help. After travelling for months and months now with a child it was not having a kid that gave you travel fatigue, it was likely a destination or host,  that had not fully thought trough family travel.  We can't blame it all on the system though and our own individual planning, and attitude has to account also to creating fulfilling experiences for all the participants involved – regardless of their age. On these pages we bring you a tapestry of reviews, opinions, photos, video of real travel experience which will help you put the pieces of your own successful family vacation together.

If we do come across a place which gave our family the travel fatigue bug, we are only too happy to save you from the excruciating experience. The first rule of the family travel writer is to not do any harm to fellow family vacations. We'll speak honestly about the places and activities we encounter and deliver to you the ideas that work time and again for families like you. But most of all we will show you how to do it in an environmentally and financially sustainable way.