Alaska Ferry System Vacation

This review is designed to make it a little easier to take your family on a Alaska Ferry System Vacation. And sure you could hop a mega cruise liner for your journey up and down the coast but that c would mean you miss out on a lot of the detail and would not get the closest views of the spectacular natural formations which line this route.

Learn More about the Highway System

Alaska Marine Highway Routes

There are a few options available on the ferry system. While some folk are looking to travel from Seattle Washington to to the upper parts of  Alaska, others only want to see a portion or the journey like the inside passage.  

Here are a few of the other options available: See Schedules Here

  • Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and the Beardslee Islands. This is where you take the ferry from Juneau  to Gustavus. - Learn More
  • Gulf of Alaska through the Interior passage and Prince William Sound including Childs Glacier  and Cordova over four days. Learn More
  • 12 Day Inside Passage Cruise: Bellingham to Sitka. Learn More

This next video takes in the ports of Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, and Sitka  and perhaps an occasional humpback whales or orca.

The tour along the  Alaska Marine Highway in this second video has spectacular views of glaciers  with visits Juneau, Haines and Skagway.

Accommodation on the Ferry

Cabins and Tents on the Alaska Marine Highway


Here are some personal accounts from travelers who have tried this option first hand.  The ferry goes to more than 30 locations between Alaska with a weekly service to Bellingham Washington. On Fridays at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal the ferry arrives and departs and can carry your car and about  500 other passengers. While there are cabins camping on the deck is also popular in Summer. 

Anchorage to Skagway on the Inside passage

Here is one travelers cruise down Alaska's famous Inside Passage on the  Alaska Marine Highway.

Bring your Kayak

There is also an adventure by sea kayak service. There is a service that allows you to bring your own kayak from about $15 per segment or rent them .  With 3,500 miles of waterways to enjoy this is a good option.

alaska ferry from bellingham

Taking an Alaskan ferry from Bellingham is sometimes called the poor mans cruise ship. While the journey may cost a lot less it certainly is a rich experience.

Alaska Marine Highway From Skagway To Bellingham Washington

This is a video of a traveller who rode on the Malaspina Car Ferry from Skagway, Alaska to Bellingham, Washington.