Aruba Family Vacation

Looking to go on a Aruba Family Vacation? Well you are going to make a lot of people jealous, but why not do it anyway?  Warm sunny beaches which are calm enough to allow snorkeling for kids and see spectacular undersea scenes. 

Aruba comes up a lot in discussions on the best places to take kids and it's understandable why. With scores of great beaches including family favourites like Eagle Beach and Baby Beach Beach.  The location in the warmer southern Caribbean is going to give you maximum warmth and leverage during winter and Americans flock there in their droves.  Don't worry there are more than enough packaged tours and resorts to cater for everyone - but we will get to those shortly. 

Swimming in ArubaSwimming in Aruba

Mum and dad are sure also to appreciate the safe and peaceful attractions like the cave system and Butterfly Farm. Aruba is also is a little less challenging than some other Caribbean locations and enjoys drinkable tap water and an established medical system.

Aruba BeachesAruba Beaches

On the downside while this safe and predictable Dutch colony  with good food makes for great beach vacations it's not especially rich on culture and adventures. But if you are looking for a low crime, generally happy place read on.

All Inclusive Aruba Family Tourism

When planning an Aruba family vacation it's nice to know the tourism body also has you in mind. Here is their video of an all inclusive Aruba Family vacation. For an island which is a little over 30 km long they sure do pack in a lot of family entertainment!

What to Do in Aruba with a family

Another of the great attractions in Aruba is the compact, accessible and kid friendly main city of Oranjestad.  While having modern conveniences the city also manages to capture the old Caribbean charm at the same time.  In contrast to a lot of Caribbean towns this city is is not known for its parties and is quiet after dark despite it's good supply of bars and restaurants. Family Friendly street street food is also something you are going to want to make part of your routine - but we will get to that too. 

San Nicolas and Baby Beach

To see a little of what Aruba looked like before it became popular and gentrified head over to San Nicolas. Baby beach here as the name implies has especially calm waters which fringe its shallow curved bay. 

Such a lot of the top attractions in Aruba are family orientated you never need to try too hard. Some of the activities on this video include rock climb up marked limestone walls, mountain biking , water adventures, diving the reefs.

The Butterfly Farm

Located near all the hotels on Palm Beach a visit to the lush gardens and all the pretty butterflies that inhabit the gardens is sure to have the kids leaping around with joy.  Butterflies from around the world are sourced and live and breed happily here. Enjoy the vivid colors and informative talks by the guides.

Philip's Animal Garden

The closest thing you will find to a zoo on the island and well regarded as a quality tourist attraction.

Aruba Where to stay

Where to stay in Aruba for families really depends on persona preference.  Choose from luxury resorts, all-inclusives, family boutique hotels and vacation rentals.

We have listed a couple of the top family friendly options here for those who prefer both small and large properties. 

Playa Linda Beach Resort, Palm Beach

Also on Palm beach is the Playa Linda Beach Resort which is our choice for a larger property families can enjoy. If you like more of a destination resort type experience this is a good option.

Boardwalk Hotel Aruba

The Baordwalk Hotel Aruba is out top small hotel choice for families. Located on a coconut plantation on Palm Beach this site lets you make the best use of the facilities, local restaurants and beaches nearby.

Vacation Rentals in Aruba

TripAdvisor is one of the easiest places to search vacation rentals by destination in Aruba.

Tourist Destinations in Aruba

Aruba only has a small population of about 100 000 and many of the top beaches to stay are located in the southwestern parts - including Eagle Beach and Palm beach.

High rise Palm Beach and low rise  Eagle Beach  (where a lot of the smaller hotels are located) are both  located to the west but close to the the capital Oranjestad. There are also other towns of note like the old fishing village of Savaneta.

Aruba Beach Tourist DestinationsAruba Beach Tourist Destinations

Eagle Beach Aruba

Eagle Beach  is regarded as the top Aruba beach and is arguably the whitest and widest widest. There are top class accommodation options located here.  #1 in the southern Caribbean by TripAdvisor.

Many people say Eagle beach is better for families because it is quieter and there is a good selection of small hotels, condo style vacation rentals and small all inclusive resorts and hotels. This area is also generally more affordable than Palm Beach

Palm Beach Aruba

Palm Beach is central to much of the tourist activity and is located in  Oranjestad, the capital. Lots of the top hotls are located here including the Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino.

For the bigger fully self contained resorts head to Palm beach. Whle there are a few different budget options the size of the resorts in this area is what really sets them apart. 

Baby Beach Aruba

For a less well known and a little more out of the bay option on a moon shaped bay in Baby Beach.

Aruba restaurant Reviews

Your kids may well leave Aruba as foodies. This video features the Top 15 Restaurants in Aruba Reviewed.