Atlantis Family Vacation

All you need to know for a successful Atlantis Family Vacation.  While Atlantis can seem a little like a chaotic frenzy of stimulation there are ways to keep the whole experience a little more serene and joyful. While some families like the relative seclusion and natural beach aspect of staying at the Reef others will like the more relaxed budget friendly Beach Tower


Whatever you do and wherever you stay at Atlantis it is a good idea to read the Atlantis TripAdvisor reviews. You will note that the reef get slightly better reviews than some of the other affordable accommodation options. Read Reviews Here

Whatever your choice you will need to do a little bit of work deciphering where to access the toddler friendly slides while the teenagers explore the higher velocity options.

As in introduction to Atlantis Bahamas Resort it is a good idea to begin by watching the TV program that gives you an overview of the resort, with some interviews with guests. While this is really is a promotional film which celebrates the first 20 years of Atlantis, it does lay the groundwork in helping get your head around the options is what is really a huge reconstructed mythical world.

Useful Atlantis Promotion

What to Do with Kids at Atlantis

Some options of things to do with kids at Atlantis.

Aquaventure Water Park

Rapids, waves and caves sprawl across acres of outstanding water-parks. This is one of the main reasons people like to stay here, but of course it is not the only attraction. Otherwise you would do as well to visit the local water-park in your part of the world.

Swim with dolphins

Swim and laugh with dolphins at one of the most interactive experiences at Atlantis. There are also opportunities to hug and connect with a  sea lion over a long lunch.

Beaches  at Atlantis 

Many folk who like to get away from the epicenter of all the activity choose to stay at the reef as it has the best access to all the white sandy beaches.  

The Dig at Atlantis

 The Dig is home to thousands of marine animals and is the significant feature of Atlantis.  The area recreates the myth of Atlantis complete with ruins and artifacts. There are opportunities for snorkeling excursions through the once lost world.

Where to Stay at Atlantis Resort

Accommodation options at Atlantis

The Reef at Atlantis

The reef is designed to give the home away from home option. This is especially true if your real home is a one or two bedroom condo style apartment compete with kitchen with easy access to a white sands tropical beach. while there is a bit of a convenience store downstairs to pick up a few snacks to use your kitchen you may also like to bring one or two packaged items from home.

Coral Towers Atlantis

Home to the teens club where parents can't come, Starbucks and a lounge and a few good restaurants including Italian steak and chopsticks Asian meals. Outside you find the hip Blue pool and the marina village where many of the restaurants at the resort. Also within  good striking distance of the water-parks.  The ambiance is tropically casual.

Royal Towers at Atlantis

 There is a little more work put into designing  in the Atlantis world with shells on the ceiling and murals on the walls. A resort style mid range complex which is rich in the marine theme.

The Cove at Atlantis

The Cove is described as the more indulgent option. A private resort onclave and well suited to honeymooners. This is the sophisticated option with private cabanas and infinity pools. However it is not necessarily the best option for families and is situated closest to the Casino. 

Beach Towers Affordable Accommodation at Atlantis

Beach Towers at Atlantis is the best for those looking for a lower cost affordable option. For families the Beach Tower is a little more easy going  and the "budget-friendly" atmosphere really helps you relax more than some of the more upscale options. Here you are also pretty close to the white sand beaches.