Australia Vacation Spots

After years of living and travel here we have finally come with our best of Australia vacation spots for families.

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    Australian Road Trip 

    Starting in the Tropical North of Queensland and working our way down to the wilderness of the island state of Tasmania in the very south here is our ever evolving take on what spots and locations make for a classic Aussie holiday away with the kids. 

    Queensland Vacation Ideas

    Queensland is where Australian nature and sun seeking families first look. The variety of vacations offered are immense but generally centered around one of the thousands of beaches that fringe the coastline.

    VIDEO: There's Nothing Like Australia: Queensland

    Far North Queensland Vacation Spots

    Far North Queensland is unique world renowned ECO tourism hotspot in more ways than one. Where else can you travel the border between World Heritage listed attraction of the Great Barrier reef and the Wet Tropics rainforest. 

    See our top 10 family travel attractions for Cairns and the far north. The laid back atmosphere of the location deep in the warm tropics seems a world away from the rat race of other areas while maintaining a rich diversity and wealth of activities and tours. 

    VIDEO: Tropical North Queensland TNQ Adventurous by Nature

    Great Barrier Reef Vacation Spots

    VIDEO: A family holiday on the Great Barrier Reef

    Stretching for thousands of kilometers of the Queensland coast the diverse coastal and marine habitat includes more than 900 islands and coral cays, and beautiful pristine beaches. Many of the Great Barrier Reef Islands make for excellent location to enjoy the reef, year round warm climate and the natural environment. See a full list of the Queensland Islands here.

    Also in the north of Queensland is the amazing Whitsunday Islands with scores of islands with easy access to the reef and a variety of accommodation options.

    VIDEO: 6 Ways to do The Whitsundays

     Further down the coast beyond the reef starts the sandy region with it's magnificent surf and swimming beaches. It's worth noting that while the reef offers pristine waters and squeaky white sands the coastal waters don't become clear again until you get south of the reef.

    VIDEO: Largest Sand Island In The WORLD | Fraser Island, Australia

    Fraser Island is world heritage and the worlds biggest sand island that signals the begging of one of the most sought after family vacation areas in Australia with great beaches as the main attraction.

    Sunshine Coast Holidays are another natural, calm option set in beautiful beach locations in comparison to the more lively Gold Coast.

    VIDEO: Sunshine Coast Vacation Travel Guide

    Gold Coast Vacations

    The Gold Coast is the classic Aussie beach vacation location, with miles and miles of surf and protected beaches for families, and great theme parks as well like Wet and Wild, Sea World, Movie World and Dreamworld.


    Great for families also is camping in the hinterland at places like Natural Arch and Lamington. See our full review of Gold Coast Family Vacation Ideas.

    Australia Beach Vacation Rentals

    Beach Vacation Rentals in Australia (called Holiday rentals) are a great authentic family cation option option because of the strong connection between the culture and beach life.

    See Family Beach Vacation Rentals around Australia

    Port Douglas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia CCBeach House in Port Douglas

    Great Australian Holiday Spots

    See also the TripAdvisor list of the top 20 Australian vacation spots with lots of family friendly vacation packages for descriptions and special offers in each location.

    New South Wales Vacation Spots

      NSW Australia Vacation SpotsNSW Australia Vacation Spots

      The hippie / trendy town of Byron Bay typifies the laid back surf nature of Northern NSW beach communities. While not far by distance to the Gold Coast these towns along the coast are great for making family holiday memories.

      VIDEO: TOP 8 Things To Do in Sydney With Kids | Family Vlog

       Byron these days is a lot busier in school holidays and I think it is safe to say best to avoid in these times while many other towns like Coffs Harbour (city), Evans Head, Yamba, The Tweed Coast and many other are almost perfect family vacation locations with lots of surf beaches, tourist park and other accommodation options in safe and quaint beach-side communities.

      VIDEO: There's Nothing Like Australia: New South Wales

      Experiences in NSW could range from a Sydney vacation to a beach or snow trip. NSW also marks the beginning of the Australia Alps and some of Australia's best Ski Resorts are located here and in Victoria. See more on New South Wales accommodation options.

      • Armidale and New England

        What to see when traveling through Armidale, Glen Innes, and the New England NSW area in Australia.

      Australian Capital Cities and the States

      VIDEO: Kids View: Things to do in Melbourne (Insider tips from local kids)

      VIDEO: Cities of Australia

      The capital cities of Australia are in themselves great vacation spots to explore the culture of the nation. Each state in Australia has developed independently of each other because of the way the country was first colonized and it's size. And each state is also a doorway to a host of family adventures

      Western Australia and Perth Vacation Spots

      VIDEO: Things to do for families in Western Australia in Winter - Insider Tips from Local Kids

      A Perth city vacation offers access to the Margaret River wine region tall timbers and surf region and one of the prettiest locations. While Broome offers an opportunity for an outback family adventure. See more on Western Australia.

      VIDEO: Extraordinary Western Australia

      Victoria Vacation Spots

        Tourism Victoria

        Victoria Vacation Spots:

        A Melbourne vacation gives access to Australia's cultural capital. Melbourne also has it's own ski fields only hours from the city and easy access to the famous Great Ocean Road with makes for an excellent family road trip. See more vacations in Victoria

        Great Ocean Road - Family Ocean Adventure

        South Australia Travel Spots

        VIDEO: Things to do in Adelaide, South Australia - Insider Tips from Local Kids

        Adelaide in South Australia is noted for it's nearby wine and food country and rolling hills. Kangaroo island is a top choice for a family friendly vacation.

        Outback Family Vacation Spots

        Outback Family Vacation SpotsOutback Family Vacation Spots

        The Northern Territory and the Crocodile Dundee Top End or the red Centre where Uluru is at the spiritual heart of the nation. See more on the Northern Territory.

        Tasmania Vacation Spots

        Tasmania has a small population but this island state is big on attractions. Rustic and intriguing and home to some of the best food, beaches and natural settings anywhere in the world. See ore on Tasmanian Tourism & Accommodation options.

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