Bali Family Holiday

Bali is one of the classic South East Asia destinations with millions of visitors each year to complement the more than four million locals. The popularity exists for good reason, and families can enjoy the rich, mystic culture and traditions in a fabulous natural environment. Although it can seem overrun by the hordes of  tourists (mostly Australian), Bali is a location of such intense beauty and hospitality it seems to easily cater to everyone's needs. 

Families who head straight for Busy Kuta are sometimes disappointed with Bali and go home with a bad impression of both Bali and Australian Bogans.  The more reliable move is to get yourself out of Kuta and head to some of the more desirable beach resorts or even in Ubud for a bit in the mountains of Ubud.

Rice Paddies in the Bali mountainsRice Paddies in the Bali mountains

  Of the beach resorts Nusa Dua and Jimbaran Bay are the most sought after by families who are looking to avoid both the crowds and the larger surf. You will also find  a good collection of activities which make the most of the calmer  waters and the natural location here such as snorkelling and and glass bottom boat tours.

the go ahead and check out the resort reviews for  Nusa Dua and Jimbaran Bay on TripAdvisor.

An additional nice feature for families is that getting around is made easy by cheap as chips taxis which are usually available at a moment's notice.  

Bali Family Vacation Options

To help plan your Family Vacation you may also like to check out these deals and offers. 

Bali Bird Park

With almost 1000 birds including many local and others from Africa and South America Bali Bird Park is a most relaxing was to get into contact with nature again and help connect with the local landscape in a relaxing environment.

Experience the different aviaries and the free range areas that also attract a host of butterflies. At the time of writing tickets are about $25 and half price for kids.  62-361-299352

Bali StreetsBali Streets


Waterbom is the top water park in Bali housing 17 water slides. Set in 3.8 hectares of tropical gardens in Kuta.

Green Camp Bali

At eco GreenCamp Bali kids explore Balinese culture and enjoy planting in the rice fields, picking cocoa, making chocolate, and generally have a great time getting back to nature. Quuite an original experience that you will not find elsewhere.

Bali Surf Schools

Quicksilver Surf School is designed to help kids get acquainted with the art of surfing. There is never a better time to begin to learn to surf and what better place than Bali. Bali is recognized as one of the top 10 surf destinations worldwide and has been established as an international destination because of it’s surfing. There are lots of packages available from ½ day to multi day camps. 

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Bali Treetop Adventure Park located in the Botanical Garden in Bedugul  is open from 8.30 a.m to 6.00 p.m. There are 7 exciting Adventure Circuits in the trees and amazing challenges lik suspended bridges, nets, jumps and flying foxes.

Help with the Chores

Also don't overlook the most amazing array of vacation rental properties in Bali. These options give you the opportunity to pay on TripAdvisor which gives you a great deal of peace of mind.

While not for everyone some families like that it is not too difficult to get help if they are staying in a villa, vacation home, or condo style accommodation. While day maids are usually part of the deal you can also arrange for a cook to do the shopping, cooking and cleaning. 

Usually they are well versed to not use the local water but a helpful reminder can’t do any harm.  Keep an eye out for this feature while searching.

Family Travel Tips

This video has a lot of the important tips about visas, the best taxi companies and negotiating some of the finer points of a Bali family vacation.

Health & Insurance

Yes definitely worth it for Bali.  Dog and Monkey bites are a rabies concern and there is a possibility of picking up rabies. Look into alternate means of repelling mosquitoes to avoid the possibility of getting Dengue  fever. 

If you do need to see a doctor 24 hour clinics are available and easiest to find by the large traffic circle on the edge of Kuta.


Because the local language ( Bahasa Bali) is not easy most locals have adapted to also speak English in tourist areas. 

Bali Money

Check for current conversions but as a rough guide 10 000 Rupiah buys about 1 USA, or 1 CAD. or 1 AUD. Credit cards are widely accepted but not on street markets for example. Tipping is added to your bill in most restaurants but why not slip taxi drivers and others a small tip when you receive outstanding service. Also it is worth brushing up on your or your bargaining skills as these will come in handy.

Bali Food

From roadside cafes to impeccable French-Indo cuisine Bali is sure to have some dishes the whole family can enjoy on any budget.

Bali Culture

Bali CultureBali Culture

Bali has a diverse population with predominantly Hindu values. Many of the exotic dance, theater, dress customs are original to this part of the world and set the mood for a fascinating destination holiday. Here are a few social pointers to help you survive.

  • Use your right hand to give and receive money and goods.
  • Don’t talk with your hands on your hips.
  • Avoid touching peoples heads.
  • Respect temples and cover up modestly with women wearing a sarong (usually available on site).

Bali Flights

The major airport is located in Denpasar. Check out some of the discount airlines in Asia like, Garuda Indonesia, Tiger and Airlines in Australia like Jetstar, Scoot, Qantas, and Virgin Australia if you would like combine your Bali vacation with one of those destinations. You will likely find one way tickets for less than about $200. 

When to Go

If you are not interested in the spiraling thunder clouds, dark grey skies, humidity, and frequent heavy downpours than the dry season from April to October is for you.


At the time of writing you don’t need to organize a visa for trips of up to 30 days in duration. You will however need to contact an embassy if you intend to stay from 30 to 60 days

Where to Stay in Bali

There are stacks of great resorts that are family friendly. You may like to first check out Bali All Inclusive Resorts that take the hassle out of planning if that is your style

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