The Barossa Valley with kids

 Our Barossa Valley with kids family holiday review.

Barossa Valley

Taking your kids to the Barossa Valley sounds more like a little indulgence for mum and dad than an equatable family friendly experience, and in part this was true about our trip too. But there is nothing wrong with seeking out destinations more suited to adults than kids if you take the right approach.  Dad does like red wine, but driving the family around to vineyards while I got to experience the subtle flavours of the famous red wines of the area was not going to cut it, if we were all going to have an enjoyable time.

First up was the farm where Maggie Beer. Inside Australia Maggie doesn't need an introduction she simply is Australian cooking, in the rustic tradition. We get out of the car at Pheasant Farm and are immediately greeted by a pair of peacocks strutting their enormous feathers around the carpark. We're relieved that the Barossa valley may prove after all that it is a family friendly place. Pheasant Farm was not initially established as the location of a cookery empire, and even today you can walk around the orchards and look in on the pheasants. “Maggie Beer is a generous person to let people walk around her farm like this” my wife remarks as we marvel at some of the interesting bird species.

Inside the farm shop and we take the opportunity to sample her entire range which has expanded from pates to include a whole range of delicacies with lots of great ingredients and without the junk. We are always encouraging our daughter to try new healthy things and she loves Maggie Beers pate. Mum and daughter got to try the entire range of one of their cooking heros and then watch a cooking demonstration on the set of the famous food show: the Cook and Chef in which Maggie features. And yes April did have the chance to briefly meet the cook herself, who was making a chance visit to the set / kitchen.

The other days in the Barossa were spent visiting the wineries, farmers markets and playgrounds. The farmers market is one of the most authentic anywhere and it's hard to believe all this wonderful food could come from one dryish little valley. The artisan craftsmen and women make the difference here as traditions have been passed down along family lines and on Youtube as to what to do with the original ingredients. At the farmers market you get a chance to sample the wares including some outstanding meat products and breads. Some people come and simply do bakery tours because of the Martinson traditions that have been kept alive. 

For our family these traditions are important, and we see visiting these type of places more valuable than many of the established family tourism hot-spots like the Gold Coast - Queensland or Orlando -Florida.