Best Family Cruise Spots

Best Family cruise Spots - Choosing The Right Cruise Destination For Your Family

Following on from looking at the best family cruise lines we are now going to look at what you should bear in mind when choosing a cruise destination. What is available for you to see from your cruise ship, and what will greet you when you come ashore is just as important as how you travel there.

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How far should we go?

One of the most fundamental considerations, and the first one you will experience on your holiday, is how long you will need to travel to get there. You can use an online flight calculator to work out how long your destination will take to fly to.

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most popular family friendly cruise lines and is big competition for Disney.

When vacationing as a family travel time is an important consideration. Bear in mind how old your children are and how you think they will respond to being on a plane for an extended period of time. If they are young and need to move around a shorter flight may be more comfortable for them, and you! However, if they are easily entertained by a few in-flight movies then a long-haul flight may be right up their street.

Something for everyone

One of the great things about a family cruise vacation is that your family is all together spending precious vacation time having fun as a family. But it is important to remember in finding your best family cruise spots that each member of the family has their own interests so finding a destination that has something to offer everyone is crucial.

Disney Cruise Line Destinations 

If a member of your family doesn't particularly like the beach, then choosing a destination that has more than just pristine beaches on offer is important. Many of the Mediterranean cruises offer excursions to cities, whereas the Caribbean cruises are more beach and seaside activity focused.

Likewise, if somebody doesn't like the heat then maybe an Alaskan cruise would be more suited, with activities such as glacier trekking ad dog-sledding available. In the cruising season temperatures vary from about 50 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Norwegian Cruise Line have some great family cruises around the Med, as do Princess Cruises.

Culture or just fun, fun, fun

What do you want your children to get out of the cruise holiday? Is it just a relaxing break for everyone to unwind and chill out, or do you want them to experience some culture and learn a bit while away.

To a certain extent all cruise holidays are a great way of experiencing new cultures due to the very nature of the holiday. The ship takes you to various locations throughout the trip allowing you to sample each destination’s culture.

If you are looking for more than just a snapshot and would like to see some history and really get involved with the culture of a place then a cruise destination offering excursions to cities if the right choice for you. These are most commonly found in Mediterranean cruises, with fantastic cities such as Florence, Pisa, Monte Carlo, Rome and Barcelona all within reach. Although bear in mind that in many instances the city may be a few hours journey away from the port your cruise ship is docked in.

You when have the choice of whether to organize your own expedition as a family, possibly providing a more intimate and less crowded experience, or going with the excursion organized by the cruise ship, which although usually more expensive will give you the added security that the ship won’t leave without you!

If culture isn’t high on your list, but the kids having a chance to experience stunning beaches, learning to snorkel, seeing lush rainforests and seeing where Captain Jack Sparrow originates from, then the Caribbean is more suited to your needs.

Both offering great weather and sandy beaches it’s easy to understand why the Mediterranean and Caribbean are by far the most popular cruise destinations and best family cruise spots. However, they do offer significantly different experiences so make sure you choose the best destination for you and your family.

When to go

While deciding where you want to go on your cruise holiday, you also need to bear in mind when you can travel. Traveling as a family it is likely that you are somewhat restricted in when you can travel, needing to work around school holidays. Choosing the right time of year to travel to a destination is important. What is on offer at a destination can vary hugely depending on the time of year. For example, autumn is the best time to see the changing colors of the leaves in New England, whereas the summer months are better for water sports. 

Decision time

Now you know what to consider when booking your cruise holiday for your family. Why not get the kids involved in finding the best family cruise spots and make it a family experience from the start? Wherever you decide to go you are bound to see some magnificent sites and have a special time as a family together. Enjoy!

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