Best Family Ski Resorts

Most of the best family ski resorts in the world are in Europe and North America, but we will also try to cover a few more locations too. Europe has much bigger slopes and often the resorts are connected to each other through ski lifts, while the Rocky Mountains receive a lot more snow.

US News Travel shares their favorite snowy places without breaking the bank.

The cost comparison of the two are about the same with Europe winning out on ski ticket prices and it is also relatively easy to fly there from a lot of East Coast locations and may end up costing similar to a West Coast ski trip (if you live in the east). You are likely to pay about the same for food and accommodation in each.

A look at the best family ski resorts to enjoy the slopes on this winter. These videos and links below can give you some ideas on:

  • Savings
  • Which ski resorts best cater to families needs
  • How to prepare

Choosing Family Ski vacation Location

Choosing the right location is obviously going to make a big difference. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Check the resort matches your abilities to a large degree.
  • Ensure that the resort has the right attractions for on and off the slopes. The things you do after your day skiing are as important as the conditions themselves.
  • Consider training it or taking advantage of budget flights to help make an interesting location possible.
  • Check out accommodation options in small towns near the desired ski location

Best Family Ski Vacation Spots

Family Skiing in Verbier and Zermatt - Parents talk about ES Kids Academy

Family Ski Resort Trips: How to Plan Western Family Ski Vacations

Here are some great resort choices and some good advice to help you plan and get organized.


The best family ski resorts