The Best Family Vacation Places

People are always asking what the best family vacation places are and it's not easy to give an answer despite many years of traveling and writing about different destinations and hot travel spots around the world.

All I can really do is point out a few of my personal favorites and advise that each family is different and different destinations will appeal to different families.

The family vacation places in North America

North America is a second home for us and we often spend time in Canada and travel to the United States.  Mexico and places to the south like Costa Rica and Belize have a well developed tourism infrastructure and are well worth considering.

United States Family Vacation Places

A Florida SunsetA Florida Sunset

The United States has a wealth of great family vacation places.  Having one of the original national park systems means places like Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, yellowstone and the Everglades in Florida remain great places for kids to visit today.  You could write whole chapters on Florida and California in themselves.  But these aren't the only places to take your kids in the United States.  There are a great mountain's, ski resorts, New England trials.  Family friendly cities, the Great Lakes and a whole lot more.  See our top United States family vacation places here.

Best Vacation Places in Canada

Canada Family Vacation SpotsCanada Family Vacation Spots

Canada is such a wonderful natural environment but you obviously  really want to travel here in the warmer months if you're not on a ski vacation.  Many tourists had to the Rockies and the West Coast of Canada and these offer a lot for kids, especially in the way of natural experiences but over east around the population center of Toronto you have Niagara Falls the lakes and the wilderness to the north in cottage country.  Further east on the maritime coast where we have spent a lot of time the pace of life is much lower with a blend of Arcadian and Celtic cultures. 

Mexico, South and Central America

Beach in CancunBeach in Cancun Mexico

Mexico is also underrated as a family vacation destination and while places in the Mexican Riviera and in Baja California are not as affordable as they once were they continue to offer excellent value for money and a whole range of experiences which kids can enjoy ranging from snorkeling, exploring the local culture and visiting underground caves. Nearby English speaking Belize the quality has thas much to offer but isn't as well developed.  

Toucan in Costa RicaToucan in Costa Rica


We made this little video of our Road trip around Australia, and you can follow the links and jump off for a closer look at all the best family vacation places

Exploring the Great Ocean RoadExploring the Great Ocean Road

For the past eight months we had been traveling around Australia and camping.  On the block we kept we share our experiences as we travel long or the best family travel places along the East Coast including the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne Adelaide and many of the top beach campsites.  We met many families from all over the world doing a similar thing and they all agreed it was one of the best things I've ever done.  While flights to Australia have traditionally been quite expensive the law price of fuel these days and a more favorable currency exchange rate has made this a more favourable option for international travelers.  While you hear why not visit New Zealand as well.

Enjoying an Island on the Great Barrier ReefEnjoying an Island on the Great Barrier Reef

The Best Family Travel Places and Destinations in the CARIBBEAN

Seven Mile Beach on Grand CaymanSeven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman

I have put together a list of my favorite family travel places in the Caribbean that includes about 30 islands.  I haven't restricted the list to only fancy resort islands but I have included some more authentic family experiences as well.  Some families will appreciate how cool it is to stay with the family in Havana while others will prefer a Cuban resort vacation in Havana.  While for Americans to two little hard to get to Cuba and they may prefer to take the kids to Saint Thomas the calm beaches of Barbados or sw or im with Rays in the Cayman islands.  See all of our top ideas for family vacations in the Caribbean here.  

Clear Water Cuban BeachClear Water Cuban Beach

Top Family Travel Places in Asia

Koh Phi Phi ThailandKoh Phi Phi Thailand

In Asia there are more of the top family travel places at affordable prices than other areas of the world.  Beautiful islands like Koa Phi Phi and near Phuket in Thailand and adventures like exploring the wonder of Angkor Wat and watching your children's faces light up at the all the marvel.  Bali  Indonesia is a little slice of paradise on the island of Indonesia frequented by mostly Australian travelers and is has grown strongly as a tourist destination which offers a lot of families seeking something of a cultural experience while enjoying a little slice of paradise by volcanoes, great beaches, great food, dance and rice paddies.  The more about the top family travel places in Asia.

Top Family Travel Places in Europe

As a family we are starting to explore the idea of traveling to Europe together.  Although we have traveled to Europe as a couple the experience of traveling there with the family is really something quite different.  Europe has changed a lot in recent years as well and even since I've written pages on Turkey and  France the climate has changed their little as well since writing those pages full of great ideas for families.  Lately I've become more interested in traveling to Iceland, Ireland and Eastern Europe I guess because we have already traveled in many places in Western Europe.  Although we found the whole experience a little expense of the first time around it seems we have a lot more experience now and are happy to share all that great family vacation spots in Europe.

Cool Family Travel Spots in Africa and the Middle East

We would love to write more about Africa but we need to travel there to find out. Here are some ideas we have been working on:

Petra Jordan

Family Vacation Ideas: Petra, Isreal to Petra 

Africa (packages)Dubai, Mauritious