Boston Family Vacation Ideas

Planning a Boston family vacation or looking for inspiration and ideas? 

VIDEO: FORCING KIDS TO LEARN HISTORY Mwahahahaha! Boston Family Vacation

If you are not too familiar with Boston this Expedia video which outlines the the top tourist attractions will help you to become acquainted. After that we can get to the attractions, facilities and accommodations which are particularity family friendly.

Family Friendly Public Garden of Boston

One of the attractions you are sure to want to enjoy in your family tour of Boston are the Public Gardens. The Victorian style Gardens are teaming with play spaces and family attractions.

Freedom Trail Boston

One of the top tourist attractions for families in Boston is also free. This walk  follows a red line on the ground on a, self-guided tour o of Revolution sites.  The tour starts at the Boston Common, and finishes at the Bunker Hill Monument.

Top Boston Family Vacation Zoos  and aqaurims

New England Aquarium

The state website boasts there are  six zoos, aquariums and hundreds of farms.

The most popular  animal attraction is the New England Aquarium for good reason. This is a quality attraction and is arguably worth the price tag.  Basically you follow around a big spiral ramp, which "corkscrews it's ways around the exhibits. This set up makes the attractions surprisingly family friendly and you only really need to remember if the bulk of your children are behind or in front of you for when you are ready to chase them down.

In whale season it's the aquarium that will run tours out into the harbor to spot them.

Some families like to enroll their children in age appropriate programs. These are also available here as well.

Find out more about the New England Aquarium of Boston

If your looking more for land based critters or budget zoo options Boston Central provides a good overview off all the zoo attractions available in and around the area. 

Boston Family Vacation Kid Friendly Museums

Yes there is a Pirate Museum but you may want to consider that there is a little bit of writing involved which kind of makes this particular attraction a little more suited to older kids who have a genuine interest in pirates. The Whydah Museum has an authentic ship and artifacts from around the world. Mum's and Dads $25 with family tickets available.

Church of All Nations

Boston Childrens Mesum

Often voted as one of the best Family Museums in the United States. The museum is living proof of the power of play as  in children's development. As a precursor to having a successful adult life this lesson free learning is the key ingredient and an attraction I really would not want to miss as a dad of a three year old. As they say  play is the work of the child.  I am often disappointed how much emphasis is given to preparing children for the workforce from and early age. This type of  dumb-ing down and failure to meet kids real developmental needs is something I have been passionate about, and really want a better more whole education for my daughter. 

Kids follow their interests through the exhibits, make friends and self discover through self directed learning. The whole environment is stimulating, sensory,  and refreshing.

Boston Childrens Museum

At the Animation Museum kids can learn how movies like, Chicken Wallace and Gromit, and the  Lord of the Rings got their start and even have a go at it themselves.

Boston Tea Party Museum

Perhaps a little more interesting for mum, dad than the Pirates Museum for the whole family is the Boston Tea Party Museum.  While the museum follows the whole saga of the  revolution  this is surprisingly family friendly endeavor.

USS Constitution Museum

I'm not always a big fan of Museums, however I do like to have a good appreciation of the history and culture of the locations I visit. Boston Seems to have more than their share of American history associated to it. Older kids also can appreciate the battles and efforts, and sacrifices that have been made to bring us to now.

Boston Family Friendly Waterpark

If you are one of those families who seeks out at least one waterpark in every destination you travel to than CoCo Key Boston is most likely where you will visit here.  With thousands of square meterage of indoor slides and splash areas there really is something for kids of most ages. Located in  Danvers, Mass there is lots of parking.

Best Beaches

Coming from a beach rich, sometimes progressive country (Australia) I can't quite get my head around the idea of having to pay for beaches, or even that beaches can become privately owned fee charging enterprises.  But when in Rome.......

And even though Boston is quite a relaxed and chill city for it's size with kids it is sometimes nice to find a little serenity to regroup by the seashore. Crane beach is the beach most  voted the best for this purpose.