Cape Tribulation Camping Trip

Cape Tribulation is perhaps you may think of in your family vacation planning. Perched in one of the worlds most unique and vast rainforest settings a few hour north of Cairns in Far North Queensland Australia.

 Apart from the isolation of having to put your vehicle on a ferry across the crocodile rich Daintree River towards even more dense rain forest beyond there are the dangers inherent with sharing a space with crocodiles, and waters with killer box jellies – don't go in! While these are real threats the dangers have been overstated, and it's been days since human remains have been found in any crocodiles in this part of the world (at the time of writing)


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If you are confident you can easily keep your kids at least a few metres away from creeks and streams and don't let them swim in the ocean then the area is a wonderful example of a working rainforests which has been largely protected. While we were there we saw crocodile eyes watching us from the stream only a few minutes walk from the camp-ground. Were we scared?  Not at all. We knew all we needed to do is keep a good distance and we didn't need to walk along that trail if we didn't want to.   

Daintree itineraries and the Ferry to Cape Tribulation

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the ferry to Cape Tribulationthe ferry to Cape Tribulation

There are more than enough safe activities to get involved in. Tour wise we saw scores of horse riding tours going right around the camp ground and posters for kayak tours. In the winter months it's my understanding you can set off from the main beach on one of these tours and see whales close to shore. The other much hyped attraction of this area is that it is where the reef meets the rainforest.  The Great Barrier Reef gets closer and closer to the mainland the further you head north for thousands of kilometres and it is here where the two merge.

While even a walk along the beach here will yield a wealth of interesting encounters you simply don't see and critters you are unlikely to know what they are. Enjoy the experience. Visit the tropical fruit world. Check out the lookout. Take long walks along the safe, informative trail walks through the mangroves and wonder about the fish you see in the tropical streams and rivers you can see of the bridges along these trails.

Cape Tribulation  Accommodation

Check out the range of accommodation at Cape Tribulation including campsites, jungle loges, vacation rentals guest houses and a few hotels.

Cape Tribulation Camping

While we took a simple tent set up in our sedan to the campground, the tent set ups we saw here were some of the most extensive and serious I have ever seen before or since covering large areas. A sight in itself to behold. Camp away from the camp-fire if you want to get your kids off to an early nights sleep.

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Cape Tribulation horse riding tours