Caves Beach NSW

Our trip to Caves Beach NSW on the Central Coast.

We visited Caves Beach on a day trip from Stockton Beach – on the other side of Newcastle. Caves Beach seemed like an unlikely, random activity for us to do, but we had already seen some good reviews on and decided to chance our luck to see what it was like. We were richly rewarded by a wonderfully imaginative looking cave system for our daughter and us to explore. Really you could not have designed a better system for kids to explore, with wonderful little wading pools lined with fluorescent green moss.

Accommodation and Things to Do

Accommodation and things to do in the Caves Beach area. 

When you first enter the attractive looking, but not exceptional beach by the car park, you would not imagine the cave system at the end of the beach would hold such kid friendly experiences. We were drawn into this world and relished every little nook and cranny we went through. While not a the type of cave system serious cavers would appreciate, for mums and dads looking to keep their kids safe while enjoying a free natural attraction, it was ideal. 

We spend the good part of a hot afternoon winding our way through the tunnels and nearby rock-pools along with tourists from a variety of other countries. The Japanese, Koreans and Italians were all busy getting great photos. One Italian family seemed to have planted themselves at a rock-pool by the main entryway – making the most of it. 

On leaving I helped a Canadian traveler carrying an injured leg get back up the sand dunes who was full of wonderful superlatives about their experiences here. Soon after the Korean guy I also talked to was also full of praise for the wonderful pictures he had taken. Caves Beach seems to have held some secret vacation pleasures that are sometimes hard to find unless you take the time to search for these little gems that would otherwise remain hidden.

Another cave system on a beach we also visited on our 2016 family road trip was located at Jervis Bay.