Cheap Germany Vacation Ideas

Are you ready for a cheap Germany vacation but are not sure where to start?  We took a road trip around Germany to experience first hand all the affordable options for families from the Berlin to the  Black Forrest, Bavarian Alps and beyond.

Our German Family RoadtripOur German Family Roadtrip

VIDEO: Visit Germany - The DON'Ts of Visiting Germany

With alps, a magical forest, road trips through castle country, our trips through the land of Hansel and Gretel sure landed us some unique family friendly experience different from the beach experience we were used to. While we got to enjoy our usual outdoor approach to life, the cultural aspects and medieval remnants of old Europe add loads of charm . And the kid the child centred approach to life is evident in the Germans half price tickets for attractions and often free inclusions in Germain room rates.

A village on our German Road TripA village on our German Road Trip

While you may think the thriving economy of Germany would drive the costs out of reach of most families the reality is Germany is more affordable than most European countries.  The Family Friendly Guesthouses which include breakfast work with families, and farmstays are more accessible and affordable here than in other countries.  Find reviews of the family friendly German accommodation options here. 

Look to book in advance where you can, especially around the times when it is finally warm enough (basically summer for families to travel in comfort. 

German Road Trips

The popular German Road trip itineraries  have seemingly been made with children in mind.  They traverse along castle routes and old historic villages with plenty of cool family friendly places to stay and attractions for kids. 

The Castles of Germany

This video explores Munich, the Alps, and their castles.

The Medieval castles of Germany will intrigue kids and adults alike. These impressive fantasy  worlds of insights in to another Europe.  Some of the most important are Heidelberg Castle, in the Rhineland, Hohenschwangau Castle,  at Fussen,  Also at Fusan is the kid's favourite Neuschwanstein.

While it is possible to include Fussen on a road trip, kids amy also enjoy catching the train there.  Busses are then available to transfer you up  to the incredible fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein. If the steady hike up to the castle is too much for your kids there are horse drawn carts to save you. This is a great place to stay and enjoy the old city as well. 

See accommodation and reviews of Fussen on TripAdvisor

See more information on the Castles of Germany at  Frommers.

If you're stopping off in Munich you will find plenty to keep kids intrigued.  Deutsches Museum is absolutely massive kids science museum and shows how highly the Germans value this perspective of reality.

Oktoberfest Ride CarouselOktoberfest Ride Carousel

 In the main square downtown you find lot's of opportunities for each member of the family to try their own thing in sampling Germain fare.  Why not each person get something different and share.  Then easily stroll over to the  awesome Viktualienmarkt (market) and enjoy the plentiful of green spaces of the wonderful parklands.

If you kids don't mind heights Zugspitze to the south of Munich has trams to take them to the top of the country's highest peaks.

Even the Romantic road trip which covers the couple of hundred kilometres through the old towns at the Alps foothills (between Wurzburg and Fussen) is speckled with medieval castles. 

The Bavarian AlpsThe Bavarian Alps

The Alpine roads which rise slightly into the Bavarian Alps themselves are a little windy for a lot of kids but you will find the views and slight change in culture rewarding if this is not an issue. 

The Moosal Valley  Road trip Follows the Rhine River where a lot of the populated centres are. The upper Rhine is where you will find many of the great castles.

Black Forrest Road Trip

Black Forrest Road TripBlack Forrest Road Trip

Even more kid friendly is the journey between  Freiburg and Lake Titisee which is known as the Black Forest Road  (Schwarzwald in Germain).  A popular family activity here is to  visit Belchen, mountain and look down upon the  the Rhine. You could spend days exploring the beauty of this place and the  lakes by Schluchsee which have a similar family friendly vibe.

Around Berlin

Around Berlin enjoy a children's puppet show, visit the huge natural history museum, and take a dip in the outside pools.

One of the many open air pools around BerlinOne of the many open air pools around Berlin

This overview of Berlin shows a lot of family friendly activities in Berlin. Of course each individual parent set will need to make up their own minds is visiting something like the holocaust memorials is appropriate for their family. 

Puppentheater Firlefanz

The Puppentheater Firlefanz is an extremely kid friendly puppet theatre awakens the imagination with its extraordinary puppets and marionettes.  Fairy tales, and all the old classics are re enacted with such an entertaining style even the adults are sure to leave impressed.

Moving in Germany

You can hire a car but trains are pretty efficient in Germany. Kids will love the rail network and getting around in this way - after all it is the efficient German way. If you do find the somewhat pricey tickets a bit rich to take than the German road network is obviously first class, and you are not forced to take the high speed autobahns, with lots of byways available. 

Eating in Germany

If your kids are fussy eaters get ready for a reprieve. Kid friendly small goods and meats are common even at breakfast. Our little one loves fermented products like sauerkraut because we had a probiotic rich fermented vegetable business when she was younger. Germany is renowned for its Sauerkraut, and it has been a staple here since Genghis Kahn brought it in from workers on the Great Wall of China. Make sure yours has the live culture for maximum benefit.   Germain breads are rich and hearty and you will also find a good range of desserts.