Cheap Vacation Places

We asked what are the top cheap travel places to take kids. Here are a few of the ideas that came our way. 

Cheap  United States Vacations

When our family ( we are Canadian / Australian) first visited New York and took a cruise from there we had braced ourselves for the shock of Manhattan prices.  We need have worried. We found the ethnic diversity of the city - almost to the degree of Canadian and Australian cities provided for a good degree of options for eating out and we were able to find affordable markets to stock up in supplies. And yet New York is cheaper also than London and yet is one of the more expensive cities in the United States. 

From the experience I learned you can have affordable vacations if you apply a little creativity in your planning. Here some creative ideas we have come up with for family vacations across the United States to make them more affordable. 

The United States is not a cheap place to visit, but there are ways to keep your costs down beyond camping, or staying in a RV in a Walmart parking lot. The East coast of the States is not as Expensive as the flashier west and there are some unbelievably good vacation specials to have.  Often you find it's the money you save on a vacation deal that makes all the difference. 

We have put together a list of the top United States Family Vacation Deals and Packages which is a great place to start your search. Also check out the family friendly cruise lines which also have out of season and last minute deals available all the time.

Cheap Asia Family Vacations

Yes it's true. You can live like kings and queens in Asia on the same budge you would spend in a Western Country.

Cheap Bali Family Vacations

Sure it's not cheap if you are travelling from say North America because of the distance. But Bali remains one of the most affordably family vacation destinations that is easily accessible anywhere. What more the quality of the resorts you will stay at are at an unbelievably high standard and you can often have staff available to help with the chores. Yes we are talking about an affordable vacation for less than you will pay for a motel in a lot of Western countries.

 Bali is only a stones throw from the equator than you can expect to find hot and humid weather here all year round, but there is always the resort poll, a water park or the beach nearby.  Kids will soak up the rich culture, dance, temples, ceremonies and attractions close to accommodation houses.

Cheap Cambodia Family Vacations

The Temples of Angkor are not only very affordable they are also unforgettable.  Granted Cambodia may seem like a bit of an adventurous stretch for many families who have their comfort zones. And if that is you you can always visit an easier country to get your travel confidence up. We lived in South Korea for a number of years and generally found it much safer than my homeland Australia. And I am not talking about the crazy wild critters that bit.  

Angkor only costs about $20 per day to enter and you can find unbelievably good family friendly accommodation at nearby Seim Reap.

While your travelling through the capital of Phnom Penh visit the royal palace , a water park, some waterfalls, and take a river cruise. 

More Information on Angkor

Cheap Family Vacation Places in Europe

Looking to explore castles or wonderful mediterranean islands only a short boat trip away. Sounds like ever expensive Europe doesn't it? Wee there are some countries in Europe that deliver in providing a rich cultural and natural experience that we expect, but at a budget price.  See more Europe Vacation Ideas.

Budget Family Vacation in Croatia

Croatia has Both the Medieval Castles and all the historical sites kids could need to see. The coas is warm enough come spring and swimming is possible until September. This is a good place to pick up a self catered apartment outside the main summer season and you are in for a really affordable summer beach vacation, where goulash, pebbly beaches, water sports, lakes and waterfalls are part of the attraction. 

For this video Croatia - Sneak Peek - The Traveling Trio - thanks to the Big Red Hat Kids 

Join the team as they explore the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. 

Cheap Canary Islands Family Vacations

The Canary islands are one of the cheaper family travel destinations in Europe. Cheap car hire, taxis, food at markets and discount vacations are all possible.

The islands themselves look almost tropically luner with their sandy black beaches and forests of pine trees contrasting each other.  And on this long chain of suny suny islands they have created a children's holiday wonderland full of everything kids love on vacation. Things like zoos and amusement parks are not necessarily that cheap here but it's the cost of living which really helps out with the budget.  Thankfully there are enough low cost and free activities to make this an affordable vacation place.  Watching whales and dolphins from the sure is one of these.

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Cheap Family Vacations in Germany

We took to the road to save costs as we explored Germany. See how you can have a very affordable family vacation exploring some of the more popular routes  kids will love full of fairytale castles and Black Forests. 

Cheap German VacationCheap German Vacation