Coffs Harbour Holiday

Coffs Harbour has been our go to summer holiday destination for some years now. The area  dubbed the Banana Holiday Coast the area does really deliver something a little deliciously balmy and exotic in comparison to some of the other more droll coastal offerings.

Moonie Beach

Coffs Harbour is greener and receives a little more rain than the coastal holiday towns to the south like Port Macquarie and the vegetation and wildlife seem a little more bigger and exotic thanks to this and it's wonderfully distanced location about half way between Brisbane and Sydney.  Coffs Harbour is also the coastal starting point for the wonderful Waterfall Way scenic road trip into the lush mountains beyond.  

Looking from Dorrigo to Coffs HarbourLooking from Dorrigo to Coffs Harbour
Look at Me Now HeadlandLook at Me Now Headland

The first time we went to Coffs Harbour we were underwhelmed it regarded it for a long while as an over-busy  coastal city. Only over time exploring the many beaches, coastal headlands and rainforests that surround the city did we really begin to appreciate what is really available for families. While in town there are opportunities to;

  • catch a marine show, 
  • walk along the extended jetty and spot fish in the clear waters, 
  • catch a feed of fish and chips and watch the fishermen offload their catches of huge ocean tuna at one of the busiest fishing ports in NSW.
  • Visit a working miniature Ducth village at the Clog Barn for free!
  • See how overrated yet iconic a place the Big banana is to get an ice cream.
The Big BannanaThe Big Bannana

VIDEO: Coffs Harbour - Big Banana

Out of town there are as many outstanding family destinations as there are locations; it all seems nice. Get out and explore. Some of our recommendations include;

VIDEO: Urunga Boardwalk: Great Shallow Calm Swimming Area for kids.

VIdeo; Dorrigo Rainforest Day Trip 

Video; Day trip to Bellingen

The Northern Beaches

Woolongong Beach - Hosts a Bollywood Market

The coastal scenery is magnificent and there are quite a few green grassy headlands frequented by large populations of sizable kangaroos. From the beaches these look like large boulders which periodically move around. Spend a few hours walking around Look at Me Now Headland down by Emerald Beach and you will get an appreciation of what I mean. When we camp at any one of the beaches out of town we inevitably surrounded by these large roos in our camp sites and it is kind of interesting to hear them fumbling around the tent ropes at night; sometimes tripping over them.

Big4 Emerald Beach / Coffs Harbour
Kitchen Big4 Emerald Beach / Coffs Harbour
Big4 Emerald Beach / Coffs Harbour

We often stay and Emerald Beach or Nearby Darlington Beach because we have a big four family parks membership and we always find these outstanding value outside of the school holidays and vacation times. But these are not the only good family friendly holiday parks located in the area, and some of the best tourist parks in NSW are located here. Our main recommendation is to insist on getting out of town and take advantage of the many isolated beaches along the highway to the north and south.  

Harbour Markets
Urunga Boardwalk
Moonie Beach
Moonie Beach
By Emerald Beach
Nambucca Heads
Clog Barn


Look at ME Now Coffs Harbour near Emerald Beach


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