Costa Rica Family Travel

Looking for great Costa Rica family travel ideas. More and more families are creating a host of unique travel experience across one of Central America safest countries. While many kids look forward to catching a glimpse of volcanoes, the lush forest are also home to many oversize bugs, You will not need to bring a microscope and can enjoy viewing these creatures in their natural inflated sizes.

If you are not familier with Costa Rica you may like to view this Cfull length Introduction video

Cloud Forests of Monteverde

Visiting the Cloud Forests of Monteverde is one of the first activities you may like to consider. Monteverde in Puntarena and the larger town of Santa Elena is at the heart of cloud forest country where ferns, monkeys and moss covered greenery give a surreal adventure storybook type setting.

Cloud Forest at Monteverde.JPG - Wikimedia Commons commons.wikimedia.orgCloud Forest at Monteverde - Wikimedia Commons

This eco-tourism hot spot is popular with travelers for sure but there is enough diversions and variety to give everyone a enough space at most times of the year, and a few tourists. You will need to make a bit of a morning  road trip from the central valley and head to a place where a lot of the tours and attractions are close to. Another option is to take a jeep trip in combination with a boat trip from Arenal.

Most of the time it will really seem like you are in a cloud only surrounded by a teaming natural wildlife setting. This is the place to take a canopy tour or visit the frog museum. 

The forests are really a world away from the blue waters below. Although both enjoy a good deal of humidity at an altitude over 1400 meters the climate is distinctly cooler, but often covered in clouds or rain.

Here are a few Monteverde, Costa Rica travel attractions available as part of a tour or easily available through your own planning.

A Canopy Tour is on many family travel itineraries for their visit to Monteverde and is located by Santa Elena.  Tours will include the areal sky tram as well while the hanging bridges are an optional addition as well. There are 10 cables involved in the 750 metre course and while there is not an age limit kids over the height of 120 cm are allowed to join in on the tour. As you approach the platform an automatic brake is applied to help prepare for landing. You would not want to take a smaller child on the tour in any case and you really need to know a little about your child's development to choose if this is a suitable activity for the younger children.

In fact this is one of the most popular activities for most families while traveling Costa Rica. Here is a simple breakdown of some of the best zip lines for families, or zip line canopy tours in Costa Rica for families with children and the age groups which are allowed to travel on them..

Selvatura Hanging Bridges are an interesting way to experience the rain forest from above.

The sky tram travels across the forest of  Monteverde, at an altitude of about 1970 feet. THis is also part of a canopy tour package. You can enjoy 2 magnificent vistas.

Arenal Costa Rica Family Travel

La Fortuna (lucky) was the name given to the town near Arenal valcano after its eruption in the 1960's wiped out most other towns nearby. While there are lots of opportunities to put in a line or get out sailing on the lake don't count on always catching a view of the volcano here as it is not all that reliable. 

The airport is located here and there are options are available to fly and drive in. The are is host to some great wildlife viewing opportunities as well as horseback riding, a butterfly museum and a host of other activities. A good selection of resorts are also available for meals. While there is a medical center keep in mind you will likely need evacuation for more intensive situations

If you are looking for a great place to stay and also enjoy the hot springs of the volcano try the Tabacon Hot Springs, Arenal Volcano, Wellness Spa.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica Family Travel

Manuel Antonio is popular for families looking to view the best of Costa Rica natural environment while having good access to quality accommodation.  The national park is situated on the Central Pacific region.

There are plenty of options between beach and rain forest and lots of unique and unusual animals. While small the area is popular but rich in attractions, resorts and things to do.

While not made for families this video does provide a good overview of the area.

Costa Rica Climate

Although its extremely close vicinity to the equator Costa Rica offers a range of climates depending mostly on the altitude you choose to inhabit. Also with lots of opportunities to splash is cool waters you don't need to fret too much about the possibility of overheating and going tropo.