Crocodile Adventures

Cairns Crocodile Adventures is yet another of the fantastic sustainable eco activities that you can involve your family with on a visit to Cairns. Eco attractions promote sustainable values that really enhance family bonding opportunities on vacations. There is something about learning about crocodiles in their natural environment, and yet in a safe and comfortable location that makes having quality family time together unavoidable.

This video will give you a short into into the family adventure ahead.

The farm is located close to both Cairns (40 min) and Port Douglas, not far off (100m) off the spectacular Cook Highway. For meals, there is a restaurant that serves breakfast and a hot lunch including snappy dishes like the Crocodile Burger. There is also a gift shop.

Bring along a sence of adventure, binoculars (or hire them at the store), good comfortable shoes, lots of water and a hat.

The park is organised into Zones you can navigate on your own. In-between are spread informative and entertaining educational sessions. This was also the first place in Australia to breed crocodiles and there is an interesting farm. Some of the Zones include:

Hartley’s Lagoon

There are about five boat tours daily starting from 9am and with the last departing at 4pm. The immersion experience let's you cruise around acres of waterways and search for the scores of crocs living their happy little lives, munching away on native birds and animals and interacting with the local environment.

Boat Cruise at Hartley's

Wildlife Discovery Trail

Other daily activities include Crocodile Feeding and attack shows a snake show and koala feeding. You can also walk along the boardwalks and discover a whole host of other animals that are native to the crocodiles habitat.

The popular Crocodile Attack Show helps visitors understand and appreciate the predatory nature of these great reptiles. At time of writing the show starts at 3.00pm. Check Hartleys website for the latest information:

Cassowary Feeding

The Cassowary Walk Zone is one of the beast areas of the park. Daily cassowary feeding are also an exciting part of a family visit. Who would have known there was such a fantastic large bird lurking around the rainforest eating native fruits.

Belinda Feeds a Cassowary

Cairns Characters: Nick Stevens from Hartley's Crocodile Adventures interviewed by the local newspaper about the crocs.

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