Disneyland Family Vacation Packages

To stay or not to stay in a Disneyland Resort, "approved resort" or another  hotel nearby.

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You may also like to catch full reviews of all the Disneyland Hotels located at Disneyland Resort and the special offers and entry passes / packages available.

Some of the key Factors include.

The Disney Experience: Nothing beats staying at the Disney resorts themselves if you are looking for a total immersion into the Disney experience. Cast member serving you and entertaining your kids as well as some of the other programs ind kids clubs offered will have everyone believing the "have arrived" at Disney. 

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This video takes you through some of the inns and outs of Disneyland family vacation packages.

Also the other discounts that come with some of the packages and ways to save we have uncovered only come if you stay at the Disney resorts. You also need to factor in the importance of the one hour early entrance advantage that comes with staying on a Disneyland Family Vacation Package.

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However at other times Disney meal plans with the characters and other activities come at a price. While we will show you how to make savings staying at the Disney resorts you may even the decide it's simply not the best way to go.

The Price and the savings you can make are not the only consideration when deciding to stay off Disney compass. Many hotels and will offer you a free shuttle to the Disneyland parks, and include their own meal plans free breakfasts and other incentives.

Here is a list of some of the inclusions available in Disneyland family resort packages at the time of writing  in the summer fall of 2013 - See below for current deals and prices. for about $1500 for a family of four.

  • Save 20 % at Disneyland Hotels. 
  • 4-Day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper tickets for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure park.
  • 3 nights at a Good Neighbor Hotel

The Disneyland Resorts

The following three videos explore the advantages of each of the tree Disney Resorts which are either inside the Disney resort or only a short stroll into the grounds and the parks themselves.

See the full reviews and offers Y for the Disneyland Hotels and the special offers.

Disneyland Alternatives 

Knott's Berry Farm is California's oldest and some say best amusement park. You may like to check out what they have to offer and make a comparison. See the video below.

Or otherwise skip the Amusement park scene altogether an set out on an authentic California family road trip.

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