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Dubbo ZooDubbo Zoo

A few days before we set out for Dubbo we were staying in the Riverina area of New south Wales contemplating the best way to travel across  to the coast. It was late Autumn and getting cooler – to get across to the coast meant we could start to enjoy our road trip more knowing we were not going to get a sudden Arctic blast which would make camping uncomfortable. 

Dubbo NSWDubbo NSW

We had finished camping for weeks in South Australia which had been a little to cool and the many grey skies starting to take the gloss of what had been such a remarkable bright and sunny summer. We had two options to stay around Canberra for one more cool blast or head to sunny Dubbo and then make our way over to the coast from there. 

Because we were making our way in that direction anyway in order to catch a flight out of Brisbane we opted for Dubbo. We also had been promised a trip to the Taronga Zoo as a Christmas present by April's Mum and Dad. Taronga in Sydney seemed like a bit of an ordeal to get to but in comparison Dubbo to us then seemed like a bit of a non event place. Seeing as we had not enjoyed the big city experience of Melbourne as much as we might of liked and we also had heard enough good things about Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo we decided to chance the possibility of boredom over the possibility of being overwhelmed by another big city – and after all Dubbo was in the general direction we were heading.

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Dubbo NSW - Botanic GardensDubbo NSW - Botanic Gardens

Not for these factors I would never had chosen Dubbo as an intentional holiday place on our big Aussie road trip. Even the sound of it sounded positively bogan to my ears and having had endured the culture or lack of it at the Tamworth country music festival I was not in a hurry to return to this part of the world where people who regard rational people s outsiders and crazy greenie lefties.

Dubbo NSW - Botanic GardensDubbo NSW - Botanic Gardens

Thankfully we never had to leave the compound of our tourist park which had all the facilities, playgrounds, pools and bicycles to to get to the zoo you could ever need for an enjoyable stay. Although we could hear the feral howls of the nightclubs and weekend parties outside in the city of Dubbo we never really had to venture far outside the safety of our home we shared with the Grey Nomads.

Also to our benefit our ticket to the zoo came with an extra day attached which meant we really didn't have to visit Dubbo much at all. On our finally day however I had build up enough curiosity about this strange place to venture out past the safety of the shops and into the botanical gardens. Perhaps there is some culture here after all. Leaving Dubbo we spent a day at Tamworth again before heading down to good old familiar Coffs Harbour.

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