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All the best Europe family vacation spots and what you need to know about planning family vacations.

Neuschwanstein CastleNeuschwanstein Castle

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Then why drag our kids outside the comforts of domestic travel to go  far away Europe? Well firstly its not that far and secondly there are ways to travel less expensively than you may think. Kids love to experience new things and new cultures and more often than not it’s the parents that have the issues about moving out of those old familiar patterns.

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London Family travel Tips

A London SplashpadA London Splashpad

London is packed with such a lot of historical ans inspiring attractions. Your kids may know it as the home of Harry Potter but the reality of London today will inspire them to a sense of wonder and beyond. Home to more than eight million people, yet it is easy to get around on foot, or in the famous double-decker bus tours. The royal parks in central London are located nearby the family tourist attractions and offer families a hand respite and an attraction within themselves. 

VIDEO: London and Great Britain Vacation Travel Guide with Kids. The Sparks Family.

Below in the video we feature some of the attractions and trip advise for coming out on top in one of the most expensive cities in the world followed by another video on the top attractions and things to do. Kits will become magnificently repulsed by the bloodshed at the tower of London and thrill at the chance at riding on the London Big Eye.

Some tips:

  • Let the kids carry money and practice converting the currencies.
  • Mum and dad split up and visit appropriate attractions then report back to the family.

VIDEO: London Destination Guide

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Eurostar from London to Paris

A short video of London to Paris with kids on the Eurostar from travel with kids. While there enough budget airlines to get you around Europe relatively inexpensively the majority of these fly from non major airports and may take some getting to. This is where rail comes into its own for family travel in Europe.

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France Family Travel Ideas

Kids on a European Adventure

Take a walk out to Mont-St-Michel while the tide is out. Kids will marvel at the authentic castle fortress which is like something out of a fairyland story.

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Paris Family Vacation Ideas

Show your kids what good eating is all about in Paris. Enjoy long extended quality meal time together and perhaps even let them enjoy a little local wine if they are old enough - Like the locals do.

VIDEO: Paris Family Vacation

The Catacombs, Parc Asterix, Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Disneyland, the Louvre these are only the beginning of this cities wonderful family friendly characteristics.  Try to also make it out into the countryside to see some of the magnificent castles.

Tip: IF you are pressed for a lunchtime experience there hundreds of terrific bakeries that offer healthy and fresh baguette sandwiches and delicious sweet pastry treats at especially reasonable prices.

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VIDEO: Paris Vacation Travel Guide

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Germany Family Vacation Ideas

Having heard that Germany was an affordable destination in Europe we set to work on carving out a family adventure for ourselves which included navigating our way through fairytale castle landscape, Black Forests and intriguing cities full of culture and puppets.

Follow our Road Trip for a Cheap Germany Vacation

Germany sure has it's share of amazing castles.  Neuschwanstein Castle looks amazing. Kid's will find it surprising not all castels are associated with Disney.

Berlin Family Vacation Ideas

Berlin is a green, park and bike friendly city which makes it a good family vacation destination.

VIDEO: Berlin Destination Travel Guide

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Italy Family Vacation Ideas

VIDEO: Tour of Italy with Kids!! Milan, Florence, and Venice by Train!! 

Italy one of the classic Europe experiences and the journey from Venice to Rome via Florence will have you understanding what all the fuss is about.

Tuscany is another place for kids to learn about good food. Why not book them and you  into a class to learn about authentic Italian cooking.

VIDEO: Travel with kids to Rome

Kids will love cruising Venice

Personally in Venice I like to stay in a nearby village with a direct train route into Venice. This will give you more than enough time during the day to explore but won't expose you to having to pay inflated tourist prices for all three meals and your accommodation.

The Netherlands Family Vacation Ideas

In the Netherlands cruise and learn about the canals or take a trip out to see the tulips.

VIDEO: We Live on a Houseboat in the Canals of Amsterdam!!

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How Family Friendly is Slovenia?

Take the time to explore with the kids a tiny country many people have never heard of.

Best Europe Family Vacation Spots - Greece

How to Travel in Greece With 3 Kids

This week on best family vacation spots we explore the islands and beaches of Greece in search of family vacation experiences. haven't you ever seen those iconic images of the impossibly blue waters in dreamy islands? You'll find out they are not out of reach of families. See our Greece Beach Vacations for the Family.

Iceland  With Kids

Iceland Vacation Travel Guide

Ireland Family Vacation Ideas

Dromoland Castle Hotel Ireland is an interesting idea that featured on Travel with Kids that we decided to share. 

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Turkey Travels With Kids

While not technically all in Europe, Turkey is easily accessible and connected by regular flights, and when safe, is more family friendly than you may think.


As we explore the travel opportunities in Europe for families with young children we thought it a good time to find some Safety Advice for Traveling with Children Abroad.

VIDEO: Safety Advice for Traveling with Children Abroad

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