Family Caribbean Vacation Ideas

Family Caribbean vacation ideas are to a great deal undiscovered. For the main part any attempt you may like to make to plan for an authentic family holiday free or the mass produced packages will end up with lots of time wasted. We want to suggest a few options and give folks a chance to discuss ideas they have come up with as well. Here are a few ideas to get the conversation started. 

Caribbean Family Vacation Ideas

Caribbean Family Vacation Ideas : ArubaAtlantis / Belize / Jamaica / Costa Rica / All Inclusive / Cancun

Caribbean Family Resorts

VIDEO: Beaches Turks and Caicos. See more all inclusive family resorts like this with the links below.

All the best Caribbean Resorts for family vacations from our sister site:


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Cayman Islands Family Vacations

Teenagers can swim with the rays on crystal clear waters while calm and clear Seven Mile beach is easy to explore and placid for smaller kids. 

Calm family friendly waters of the Cayman Islands

The capital is safer than most (apart from a few dangerous bankers),  on foot or by taxi or bus,   easy to navigate and has a population of only about 30 000 which means lots of space for you on the enormous beach. 

More information and on Cayman Island Vacations.

Older kids enjoying the clear Cayman Island Waters

Cuba FAMILY Adventure with kids

Cuba Vacation Travel Guide

One of our travel partners sent a family trip to Cuba to record every moment of their adventure, and show what it is really like on one of their Intrepid Family Adventures.

Stay in a Havana Hotel or Guest House

While this is an idea that is a little easier for non United States citizens it is possible and getting easier all the time. And while there are plenty of fancy resorts that replicate others on other Caribbean islands, Havana provides a travel opportunity distinctly different and fascination for families. 

While a hotel provides a safe and predictable stay, staying with a family in a B & B guest house allows you to see life how the Cubans see it everyday.  This is a sure way to open up lines of conversation about lots of interesting and stimulating conversations about modern life. And you sure wont have any problems with kids only wanting to eat junk food and hang out at the mall. If they do want to you are sure to enjoy the adventure as well. Cruise the streets and enjoy the treats and music as the Cuban children do.

Cuba Family Vacations on the Beach

Belize Family Vacations

Heading to Belize is a great option for families who would like something a little different and are not ready to confront the issue of language difference. Belize is a predominately English speaking travel environment and there are lots of family friendly activities.

 While it is connected to the mainland it is set apart and will have more an authentic Caribbean vibe than the majority of the popular islands. And the jungles are greener and the diving and clear seas more striking as well than a majority of Caribbean islands. We take you through some of the top activities for families with kids in Belize and help you find a great Belize Vacation Rental.

El Yunque Cloud Forrest Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has lots old fortresses for  kids to explore also it is famed as the Only Tropical rain forest in the United States which is located not far from San Juan. Cool waterfalls of La Coca are a great place to start with the children and get a cool start to the day which should leave you refreshed for the remainder of it. El Toro is the the peak which reaches the highest altitude at over 3500 ft.   Lots of opportunities for kids to enjoy the mystical like experience of going through the clouds to find an occasional tropical parrot or frog.


Caribbean All Inclusive Resorts

See more great resorts like Beaches Resorts – Turks & Caicos (video)

Aruba Family Vacations

Aruba is a Family Caribbean Vacation Hotspot

Aruba is a little on the luxury end of the scale, but leverages it's calm beaches with lots of family friendly activities. And when the cruise ships go you won't find a party in sight. 

Barbados Caribbean Family Vacation

We have never been there but those that have rave about Barbados as a top Caribbean vacation destination for families. Especially on the calm sandy shores of the west coast. There are also surf beaches around if you prefer. 

See top Barbados Vacation options.

Barbados Family Caribbean VacationsBarbados Family Caribbean Vacations

Jamaica Family Vacations

VIDEO: Kramer family trip to Jamaica

Bahamas Family Vacation

VIDEO: Bahamas Country Guide - Lonely Planet

Dominican Republic Family Vacations

VIDEO: Punta Cana in 4K

Antigua Family Vacations

VIDEO: Antigua Vacation Travel Guide