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With a little planning, an appreciation of the best options for accommodating five or more and a little knowledge of the travel industry, and great games to keep everyone, entertained and involved in the family adventure, your next family of five vacation may turn out a whole lot memorable than the last. For all the right reasons. Here's a few ways how to make that goal come about.

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Family Camping Vacation

You don't get any points for thinking of this one. Camping is the obvious choice for enjoying the outdoors and containing costs. We list some great Family road trips for families of five on this website. But not everyone likes this option for every vacation and kids do often like a bit of glamour in their lives as much as adults do.

Family Vacation Rental Homes

Family vacation rental homes are also often preferred over resorts by many families. The ability to store snacks, and sometimes cooking your own meals to manage costs is an advantage. Having your own house also sparks the imagination for kids a little more than generic hotel rooms often do as well.

We advise you search the list of of family friendly vacation rentals.

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All Inclusive Family Resorts

There are a number of All Inclusive resorts that specialize for the family of five or larger families.

Also while it is not ideal to have younger kids in separate rooms, nearly every resort will have facilities to open the interconnecting rooms between rooms. This is often a cheaper option than booking a suite with enough beds for everyone.

Many of these top offer things like round the clock (kids version) activities, vacation nannies, water parks, diving, kids entertainers, costumed furry animals, and all sorts of other adventures. See a full list on our Family all inclusive resorts.

See more about the best All Inclusive family resorts

Booking vacation packages for larger families is achieved by selecting how many are travelling when you begin your search.

See a list of some of the best places to book family friendly vacation packages

When booking accommodation for a family of five you need to choose that option in your search. Doing this to begin with saves you time.

Beaches Negril All Inclusive Family Resort - Great for a family of five

Planning a family five vacation

There are plenty of resources on this website to help you plan a family vacation for five or more, but here are few ideas for the journey to your destination.

Car games for a family of five 

If your vacation is going to require any sort of time in the family car, then it’s a good idea to prepare a few games in advance. Take the time to enjoy coming up with a games of your own and making up the rules if you like. Spending time defining the rules helps include everyone, and the process of making the game as enjoyable as the game itself. Not to mention all the skills in collaboration and developing imaginative, creative solutions the kids will learn in the process.

You may like to begin with an already established game and then develop your version from there. Here are a few classics to get you started.

Sing Songs

After you have sandg all the songs you know, listened to your soundtracks, and made up some songs too, then you can bring out a printout of a new song to learn. Everyone can have a turn at teaching a song.

20 Questions

Another classic talking game is 20 questions which won’t need much of a description for many. The person who is “up” simply answers questions regarding a concealed item, person or thing. The others have have up to 20 questions to try to work out what the person who is up, is thinking of. You can select a category to begin with if you like, and have the person who is up write down their selection if your kids are prone to cheating.

Spotting Games

After eye spy with my little eye wears thin. Introduce other spotting games. Guess the type and color of the next car to come along on less busy roads. I went to school in the Australian outback and there was always a bit of drama and tension developing waiting for the next car. If there was not a car for a while sometimes the game would turn into a game of “mum, my brother is making contact with my leg - tell him to move over”. Our car seemed to small. I’m not too sure what to do about those fighting games other than to prepare in advance.

Games that have the kids looking outside the car or exploring the airport

If you are at an airport you can devise games where the children get go and find light information for you. This can help them familiarize themselves with flight departure and arrival information. You can even introduce ideas about time zones, and how long it takes to fly places.

Print out games

While educational computer games have their place, continual attachment to these on a vacation kind of defies the spirit of travel as an immersion in a location different from the one you are usually in.  

Discuss the vacation budget with your kids.

Talking about the vacation budget opens the door for some interesting mathematical games. You can talk about whatever level you are interested in and would like to reveal. You may think this sounds like it could introduce stress but more often than not your kids will learn that peaceful relationship with finances begins with planning.  You can compare the costs of different modes of travel, fuel costs, environmental costs and basically anything that is important to you financially. Finances are usually a great opportunity to have kids begin to form an appreciation of the relationship values have to finances.

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