Family Summer Vacation Ideas

Great Family Summer Vacation Ideas for this year. The majority of websites out there that offer ideas for the summer vacation are often tied to affiliate networks that make money off your bookings and clicking links on their sites. While these sites are useful in getting a few ideas together the process of consulting with all the family members,  accessing your ideal inner vacation self and having real collaborative conversations with those participating is the key to choosing the right location and activities.

Let us begin with a little family summer vacation humor to get the creativity flowing: How To Survive Your Family Summer Vacation Video

If you are looking for specific destinations for family vacation ideas this summer use the search below.

Family Summer Cruise Vacations

Sure you could do the regular Caribbean or Mexican family cruise and get a reasonable deal if you book at the right time. But you may also consider heading to Europe if that is a dream of yours.

 Europe is famously busy in the summer, and the cruise option allows your family to have family moments, while travel along in comfort to the next fabulously famous port. Often for less than you would otherwise pay for accommodation and transport if you do it right.

The 5 Best Cruise Lines for Families

Call a Family Summer Vacation Meeting

Have each family members write down three ideas of where they might like to go and three activities they would like to do. The process of doing this may help each discover a little about what their current needs are and where they are at. Coming together and sharing these ideas can become an enriching experience for all those involved.

Stay Open to Ideas

During these earlier stages of sharing and planning it’s important to stay open to the different ideas that arise. Staying open and encouraging helps the creative juices start to flow and provides a safe place for all. You are not looking for finished polished ideas at this stage, but the seeds of ideas and an a collaborative input from everyone that is going to participate in the vacation.

Get Creative

Use innovative means of gathering family summer vacation ideas. Let the ideas flow in any for you like. Ideas may come in the form of images, visions or brainstorming on ideas clouds which link overlapping ideas. If your family is spiritual you can have members go and pray over the vacation and come together and share again. The best ideas seem to come about in when the group comes together and includes the perspectives of all those involved, when all the participants are committed to staying open minded about the outcome.

Family Vacation Summer Ideas

Some ideas here are unique while others have been tested tried and true and found extremely dependable - but what we really want to encourage you to do is stay true to your own ideals of a family vacation.

Depending on your location and budget there is happy vacation waiting for you to arrive this summer. With a little application to the process of planning the family summer vacation you will surely arrive there is integral to the vacation itself.

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United States and Canada Vacation Ideas

This article takes you through some of the more tried and trusted family vacation options. 

Mountain vacations and ski resorts take on a different type of adventures spirit in the summer as skiing gives way to kayaks, hiking, fishing, biking, water-parks and a whole host of other exciting and refreshing activities. Colorado summer mountain vacations is the to candidate in this department.

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