Family Travel Inspiration

These are a few video and quotes to get your family excited about travel and consider some of the deeper questions around the idea of travel. I found myself wanting to explore the whole idea of family travel as we begin to plan our next adventure. Enjoy

These ted travel videos will help you connect with the import and issues of travel. Considering why you are travel is one of the most important first steps to any journey and one that is often overlooked.

Travel Inspiration to Help you find your True Journey

This first video is not directly related to travel, but to find yourself, to "find your one true note you were destined to sing" is an internal part of plotting a journey that you will find fulfilling.  What I learned is your (the travelers)  job is to travel YOUR journey as well as your travel heroes travel theirs.  

Travel Inspiration

This  San Francisco Silcon Valley , California leader  shares what it takes to change direction and has now traveled to over 80 countries.   With advice like this  Hike Your Own Hike. Which I think is the name of his book

How and why travel transforms you by Francis Tapon

Deep travel -- Connecting on the road and in life: 

"Deep Travel" is about why authentic interaction is the best way to travel. But how do you get beneath the surface and have meaningful, memorable, and unique travel experiences?

Learn to travel -- travel to learn: Robin Esrock

This travel writer pioneered  multi-platform,  travel journalism in the modern era leading to amazing adventures.

Rick Steves: The Value of Travel

Rick has spent most a good deal of his adult life traveling and shares the wisdom he has gained in this time.

Why Travel Light?

Having spent his early life traveling and going to  27 schools.

How to travel the world with almost no money | Tomislav Perko |

Sure this video is not about family travel but something to think about in any case.

After a career of a stockbroker, and without a dime because of the financial crisis, Tom finds thrifty ways of traveling.