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Looking to go on a Family Vacation in Ontario. You've made a good choice but I'm a little biased. Since marrying an Ontario lady I've spent a lot of time here and have been impressed by the quality of life folk enjoy in this part of the world. The lifestyle that lends itself to the outdoors and spending time with family enjoying the lakes and wilderness is appealing.  Here are some of the top attractions in Canada from Toron'o to Cottage country and beyond.

Costs in Canada since the fall of the Canadian dollar have meant the prices have increased. Accommodation and food costs are all now considerably more by about 20 percent. We visit from Australia every couple of years and the days where we looked forward to the cheaper cost of living and travelling in Canada seem well behind us now. Even the dinners which we once found good value now seem really expensive when you add tax, and  tip. 

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Canadian Culture

Canadians have a reputation for their politeness. When once my wife and I were on the final leg of a flight from Australia to Canada from L.A. we politely asked a whole lot people in the area we were sitting if they wouldn't mind  changing their seats for us to sit together. Sitting together often helps with small children and it benefits everyone else on the plane as well. I didn't seem to matter who we asked but the answer was sorry I already sat down. These are mostly Toronto business people not carrying barely anything. The incident was a reminder that the stereotype of a culture is not always predominate and I have tried not to cast all Canadians with the polite stereotype ever since.

The good part is the the people are exceptionally good with kids. Sure you get the occasional grouches, who seem expert on how you should raise your kids and are too happy to give a fierce stare, or helpful bit of parenting advice but these are not as commonplace as in Australia. 

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Best Time to Travel In Canada

Fall is the best time to travel in OntarioFall is the best time to travel in Ontario

It seems like if you are not chasing the snow the best time to travel in Canada is in the Summer. But it's not that simple I'm afraid. This is also when the Canadians, (and Americans) also like to travel. Yet if you are not going to freeze with temperatures dropping well below zero, summer and a couple of months either side are the best options temperature wise. My wife has an Uncle in northern Ontario who seems able to post a recount of the latest snowstorm anytime of the year. While summer is easier to drive and camp in the complication comes when you start to factor in bugs like black flies and mosquitos which seem to get worse the further north you go.  With man made global warming these bugs are now more likely to Carry West Nile disease. hen I really want to encourage you to travel in fall if you come to Ontario.


Let's start with the most likely place you are to visit. Niagara Falls is definitely family friendly as the huge amount of attractions close to the falls testify to. In fact this is to the point where the original attraction as a natural wonder of the world has somewhat lost among what is sometimes a cheesy, 1980 kind of theme park gone wrong. There is not any denying the falls themselves as something not to miss however. The impact they have, and the appreciation they give of the power and relentlessness of nature is impressive.

As the earth's crust rebounds under the great lakes upstream oceans of water spill over the falls and gradually move them further upstream. This is not lost on children regardless of their age. Also it is entirely possibly to create a a quality Niagara Falls Vacation plan that will work with kids of almost any age. But it's the attractions centred around the falls themselves they will remember for the rest of their lives. 

Upper Canada Village

Northern Ontario

Older kids will embrace a visit to Owl Country. The  Grey Owl helped conserve vast areas of the Temagami region the the Old Growth Forest

This film by Goh Iromoto explores the life of the man and the heritage of this area. If it's wild country you would like to explore than this is a good film to give kids an appreciation of the plight to save important areas, and wildlife such as beavers and owls.

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This picture is not as Micheal Jackson like as it looks from this perspective. Our little girl was fascinated by the tumbling waters at Niagara Falls.

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