Family Vacation Packages to Hawaii

We here have made a little guide to help you take advantage of the top Family Vacation Packages to Hawaii. Putting together a Hawaii vacation plan is not always easy for first time visitors then a little inside knowledge goes a long way to making the most of your valued vacation time and resources.

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If you are looking to compare the Hawaii vacation package deals from the top 20 networks. This is a well put together assessment of the top offers currently. 

Where to stay in Hawaii

Choosing which islands to stay on, and even which type of accommodation can take a bit of research. To help we have done our research on some top Hawaii family vacation resorts, condo style self catering apartments, and vacation homes.

By Nick Roux, updated by Peter Fitzgerald (File:Hawaii regions map.svg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsMap of Hawaiian Islands

This map of the Hawaiian Islands may help you get an idea of the shape and size of each island and where they are geographically but it doesn't really give any insights into the nature of each, or its potential as a Hawaii family vacation destination.  

Oahu Family Vacations

Honolulu Vacation Travel Guide

Oahu is often the first place people think of in Hawaii and the hub of much of the activity but it doesn't take long to get out of town and experience the waterfalls, bountiful beaches, the famous valley and stunning snorkeling. In reality you could have an outstanding vacation on this 20km wide paradise without ever leaving this island and there really are beaches suitable for both body surfing for teenagers and waddling around with toddler.

Home to Pearl Harbor some great resorts and the Family Friendly upscale Aulani Disney resort in a slightly quieter and calmer area of the island about 40 minuted away from Waikiki beach. Waikiki itself holds a lot of appeal for families in itself but that's only if you can handle the crowds.

Fly directly into Oahu when you book your package deal.

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See the Oahu Family Vacation Package Resorts for some of the carefully selected top condo style and Family friendly resorts. All these properties have attributes like water parks or kids clubs which make it easy for the kids to enjoy their vacation as much as mum and dad. 

Oahu Vacations - Top 10 Things to do

Family Vacation Packages in Maui Hawaii

VIDEO: Maui Vacation Travel Guide

To the locals nothing beats Maui. And it is hard to argue with this logic. About the same size as Oahu Maui is both a natural and tourism masterpiece. The natural wonders range from the high altitudes of the volcanic moonscape down through the green valleys to pristine clear waters with whales and dolphins cruising through. When you book your package deal to Maui try to find flights directly in to save on the hassle of the stop over in Oahu.

Family Activities on Maui

While in Maui there are a few activities you are sure to want to book in advance and some which are not necessary.

The Maui Ocean Centre is the place to Go if the kids are not ready to take the plunge in the big blue ocean. 

Consider before you go if you would like to the 10,000-Foot Volcano at Haleakala. For kids that can handle it there is the opportunity to ride down the crater on a bicycle. Along the way up and down the mountain their are lots of other activities you can do on the way like a tram tour of the Maui Tropical Botanical Gardens.

Driving the Hana Highway to go over and see the black sands is an option more and more families are enjoying.

See the top Maui Activities on TripAdvisor.

You will find it surprising how appealing some of the top resorts and condo style apartments in Maui are. Check out the top Maui Hawaii family vacation resorts and accommodations.

Read the review of the top vacation packages in Maui Hawaii.

Kauai Family Vacation Packages in Hawaii

Kauai CliffKauai Cliff

Kauai is the island the provides the most stunning natural landscapes. Steep forested cliffs diving into blue oceans like the waterfalls on them. Like at Hanalei Bay where waterfalls roll from cliffs which tower thousands of feet into the sky. 

Not all the rugged trails are accessible with kids. These steep cliffs also prevent transport by car around much of the island but there are other ways to get around and lots of beautiful family resorts on quiet bays to help you out.

See the top Kauai Family Vacation resorts.

The Big Island Hawaii Family Vacations

VIDEO: Hawaii's Big Island Vacation Travel Guide

Not many folk actually make it to the big island of Hawaii in comparison to the other more densely populated and tourist islands of Maui and Oahu.

TripAdvisor provides a good Big island overview including some great vacation rentals, hotels, things to do and activities.

VIDEO: Big Island Hawaii For Kids