Fitzroy Island For Families

On our recent trip to Fitzroy island,Queensland Australia I had a chance to check out this tropical paradise for it's family friendly qualities. 

Occupying about 240 hectares of lush tropical vegetation, Fitzroy Island juts out of the water like the nearby mountains clearly within view of the mainland.

We took the short 40 minute journey from the Reef Fleet Terminal in Cairns where boats leave a few times a day and cater for overnight, half day and full day trippers.

The island has both white sandy beaches and beaches with an interesting coral arrangement. Most of the beach activities and where you land is located on the coral beach with the white sands of nude beach only a short walk or snorkel away. Indeed this is the best snorkelling on the island from the main beach to Nudey offers a spectacular array of diversity of coral and fish life and will both surprise and impress you with it's quality (even though you have already read this).

Clearly there is a lot to do on the island and the good people at Raging Thunder who run one of the better cruise options to the islands can cater for all types of visitors.

Raging Thunder - Sea Kayak

This tour includes transfers from Cairns, a 3 hours of guided sea kayaking, with tuitio, a picnic lunch, and snorkelling.

Fitzroy Island Resort TV Commercial

Fitzroy Island Resort which is a  4 .5  Star Resort with 99 rooms family friendly rooms.  Right on the best spot on the island and the only resort this is the hub for most things and activities that happen.  A top restaurant, pools and a dive and adventure centre are only the start.

More information on Fitzroy Island Resort

calm water with sardine pools


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