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Forster NSW photos and review. Within a few hours drive of Newcastle and a half days drive (5 hours) from Sydney, Forster is a family holiday destination which offers some space for kids to move. We found this especially true in the area around Booti Booti National Park which seemed as if it could have easily been a secluded tropical island, on the summer days we stayed there. 

In this episode the family is stalked by a giant goanna and we check out the Myall lakes district through day trips to Seal Rocks and see the lighthouse. Check out our campsite at Tiona in the Booti Booti National Park.  This is part of our Sydney to Brisbane road trip.

We stayed at Tiona Beach right by the National Park. We had planned to stay at the National Park but found it was not really what our family was looking for when we arrived. To much sunshine was the major problem cased by the lack of trees and a lack of any real evidence of value for money in the sparse looking camp ground. 

The camp we chose at Tiona by Booti Booti National Park was a spectacular location with the largest of the Great Lakes and a spectacular surf beach with miles and miles of unspoiled beach and hardly any signs of civilization. It was pure bliss. There are also a good few tourist Parks  in Forster itself which  are also highly rated but in less spectacular locations closer to shopping.

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The Beach by Booti Booti National ParkThe Beach by Booti Booti National Park

While the location we chose would have provided enough serenity for a destination style vacation we did enjoy the little day trips we bothered to make out of our rain forest like camp-site setting.  

There are more than enough beaches to cater for every taste, but we opted for a visit to Tuncurry beach which was ideal for our three year old. This is safely located within the seclusion of the river mouth, with rock walls and is surf-less, pristine clear, and has a nice sandy beach.  The tans of the retired locals on the beach here suggested this as a popular place for locals to hang out and enjoy the summer sun. Seagulls were also present to steal your lunch if you were not fast enough as well as  pelicans. This was my first encounter with these huge birds following people around and it sure was something surreal to see 4 foot high birds walking around like they owned the place.

Forster  Toncurry NSW Climate

The weather around Forster makes for pretty ideal summer  beach holidays. 

Forster Beach and Beach Pool
Toncurry Beach


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Beach Near Forster