Galapagos Islands Ecotourism Travel

Let's explore some Galapagos Islands Ecotourism Travel Adventures for families with kids. These remarkably diverse islands about 1000 km off the Ecuador coast have been noted by Darwin and others for their range of uniquely developed species will surely capture the imagination of your family. 

What better way to stimulate the kids enthusiasm and respect for travel to the Galapagos Islands a sustainable  approach to travel.

Of the 19 islands in the chain some are more suitable to family ecotourism travel adventures than others. We will explore some of the best ways to get your family in and out safely and with style, while leaving your bank account in-tact.

But while it's great to explore, we can also go in with a greater understanding of the issues that an increasing number of tourists are having on the original locals. Ecotourism helps provide a means to travel without destroying the very thing the tourists come to see. 

VIDEO: Ecotourism Challenge of the Galapagos Islands:

 Keep this in mind when you plan your travel. TripAdvisor also has a good review of the best activities,  hotel and flight options to the Galapagos Islands if you are looking to plan your whole adventure independently. Otherwise you can view some of the economical eco-friendly family friendly tours we we review below.

Activities in the Galapagos Islands a Glance

  • Beaches are sure to impress with white sandy patches mangrove fringed, wildlife rich patches where you can easily spot rays or sharks.
  • Snorkeling with turtles and sea lions at Sant Cruz.
  • Visit Volcanoes
  • Hang out with seals at  Darwins Bay
  • Try mouth watering local sea-foods, fish soups and local dishes.


Most of the adventuring done by the thousands of tourists which now visit the Galapagos Islands annually now is on one of the hundreds of tour boats of different luxury classes.  And while younger children may find it easier to stay close to shore at a hotel and take cove trips, older kids and teenagers will relish opportunities to set sail, and even indulge in trill seeking opportunities like diving with the safe happy sharks. While the best experience are attained to the more father out and remote islands, you  will also need to keep in mind that this can also mean crossing some rough unprotected seas.

Galapagos Islands Travel Video Guide - This is a little old but the best overview of what to expect.

Getting There

While there are opportunities to take one of the mega family cruise lines the more eco-friendly option is to simply fly and cruise to the islands of your choice. For this you will need to know a little more about each island and the type of Galapagos islands ecotourism travel adventure you and your family are looking to enjoy. We will get to that shortly as well as  review a couple of package tours which find and bundle some of the best priced flights, activities and accommodation options together.

Flights from Quito may set you back about $500 per person and then there is the national park fee ($100 in cash adults and half for kids) once you arrive at either preferable Santa Cruz Airport  (GPS) or the one on San Cristobal Island (SCI).

Galapagus Organised Adventures

Multi Award Winning Gap Adventures run some of the best tours suitable for families.

Galapagos Family Tours

This tour is designed with families in mind lets kids explore the amazing array of wildlife. Explore natures test lab while at the same time getting the chance to snorkel, hike, kayak, and swim the islands as well as visiting some prominent attractions?

Family Land Galapagos Multi-Activities

Galapagos Family Camping Adventures

Bet you didn't imagine you can take an organised camping adventure  to the Galapagos Islands surrounded by all creatures great and small. This is a seven day tour that really packs in a lot on a relatively small budget. And you won't have to sacrifice all those wonderful adventures like snorkeling ,  enjoying a volcano hike including lava tunnels.

Galapagos Islands Camping Tour

Galapagos Island Hopping

This is a tour that lets you get on with your family vacation and exploring like Darwin. The idea is to let Gap Adventures take care of finding the cheapest flights in and out of Quito, standard hotels, and the transfers between activities. Then there is lots included once you arrive like visiting Darwin's wildlife center, guided walks, a volcano hike, Flamingo Lagoon,  the tortoises, lots of breakfasts, and some other meals.

Island Hopping Tour

Machu Picchu Galapagos Tours

This Galapagos Central Islands & Inca Discovery is for those who want to take in two amazing South American travel spots on one. Experience the the Galapagos aboard the Xavier and then fly to the Andean highlands.  Here you will enjoy the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

Galapagos Central Islands & Inca Discovery

Budget Travel In the GALAPAGOS Islands

An impressive nine day tour for those who don't want to spend all their time on boats or are prone to seasickness. 

Galapagos on a Shoestring

Where are the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands are located 960 km off the coast of Equator.