Grand Canyon Mule Ride

We take a look at some of the Best Grand Canyon mule ride options for families.

Grand Canyon Mule RidesGrand Canyon Mule Rides

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National Forest Trail Rides

  • Great Family Alternative Mule Rides
  • How: Phone (928) 638-2891.
  • Where: Tusayan near the South Entrance to the National Park

Offered are short horse or mule one and two-hour trail rides in Kaibab National Forest from the Apache Stables. Twilight campfire and wagon rides are also available.

Apache Stables Horseback Trail Ride

Grand Canyon North Rim Mule Rides

To enjoy a North Rim mule ride you can register at Grand Canyon Lodge at the tour desk from 7:00am-5:00pm or you may call (435) 679-8665

The rides from are offered from May to the middle of October are either half day for over 10 year olds from about $80 or as little as $40 for the hour. Make sure the little explorer is at least 7 years old for the shorter trip.

Also if your family wii rudely reports you are overweight you can’t go either (220 pound limit)

(435) 679-8665,

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Barb and Joe- Grand Canyon North Rim mule trip

Abyss Overlook Ride

A great trip for older families from October to March, the ride begins near Bright Angel Lodge and takes you through Ponderosa Forest, Pinon and Juniper woodland. At the midway point, riders can take a very short walk to the Abyss.

Cost: Last check about $122 per person including a light snack.

Also check out the Overnight Rides

Only a few percentage of visitors to the canyon actually are fortunate enough to take a mule ride. The physical restrictions and the limited number of mules that are allowed to take the journey to the bottom of the valley mean that there are few opportunities and the rides need to be booked at least 9 months in advance.

That does not mean it's not worth giving it a try however; if you are planning your vacation in advance, why not take advantage of that?

  • Descent to the bottom of the Canyon on a Colorado River stay at Phantom Ranch.
  • (booked more than a year in advance.)
  • Cost: About $500 for 1 or $900 for 2.
  • Call (303) 297-2757

Before you make any bookings you may like to have a look at this video to determine if you and your family can stomach the rides and the heights.

Before you try to book also make sure you weigh less than 200lbs or 91kg, and are at least 4ft 7 or 138cm tall.

This is footage of an overnight mule trip to Phantom Ranch at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, descending on the Bright Angle Trail on the South Rim and coming back up the South Kaibab Trail.

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