Great Barrier Reef Pictures

These are some pictures Myself and others have taken of the Great Barrier Reef. Look at them enjoy them and most of take your kids to see the reef, because without drastic changes it's unlikely future generations will have the same opportunity. 

I'm writing this after the summer in which the reef had easily it's most severe bleaching episode in history. A few factors cause coral bleaching including run off from farms, but it's ocean warming which is one of the big challenges. In the summer of 2016 the reef experienced over 90% coral bleaching. Some of the bleaching that occurred will never recover, but will only live on  like the icons of past summers. Much like David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali. 

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Take your kids to the reef to see it in it's full majestic colours and undamaged by bleaching to give them a full appreciation of it's importance and how wonderful it really is. When children experience natural beauty and the wonders of nature first hand, they are far more likely to live, act and influence their pears in ways to live responsibly and to help create ecologically sustainable futures for us all. 

Michaelmas Cay

he reef truly is an experiential thing and until your kids have been there and appreciated how all the elements work together to create a living paradise of colour and activity that continues for more than two thousand kilometers down the Queensland coastline they simply won't have the hear to act in ways to directly influence it's future. 

We are not talking about turning your kids in to Greenpeace activists here – although that's alright to. But simply diving in and enjoying a few days, or weeks on the  Great Barrier Reef they are more likely to understand it's not about finances, or politics, or even environmentalism, and simply that some things are to precious and beyond all these things to let go of.  

The Great Barrier ReefThe Great Barrier Reef

The news agencies in Australia are not all that fond of promoting environmental issues. But when the problem of reef bleaching got that serious this summer that the regular news agencies could not ignore it any longer, and the whole country got to hear about the problem there seemed a collective sadness that was indescribable. 

Michaelmas Cay

In the same Summer that icons of the modern era like David Bowie, Prince and Muhammad Ali also passed away the Great Barrier Reef was also in big trouble.

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Take the time explore and plan a Great Barrier Reef vacation and let the true colours of summer live on. 

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