Hahndorf with Kids

Hahndorf  is not you classic family holiday spot. The fancy shops with gold and red fall leaves on the day we visited were rather suited  to a romantic day trip.

 But why not take the little one and enjoy a family date. While we took a picnic to enjoy by the playground , but there were also a good variety of bakeries and family friendly food stores. Overall I would have to say it was a successful family date. On any family holiday it's worth while having a lot of activities directed towards kids, but mum and dad need to know they are special sometimes too. There was more than enough activities to keep the whole family entertained throughout the day.

From the moment we decided to visit the old German village of Hahndorf we knew it was a decision about what our daughter is especially interested in.  Three year olds have difficulty with concepts like the difficulties the early  1800's , Lutheran community had to overcome to make a living, and survive here. I can't imagine the women having to take their goods over the Adelaide hills to sell with little to arm themselves off against thieves but big sticks. They were Tough!  

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Understqanding Hahndorf

Older kids will get the history of Hahndorf as long as you yourself have a bit of a grasp yourself. This video can show how the German settlement made such a success  from humble beginnings.

There is a big emphasis on historical happenings in the town with the histories of the first families plotted out on each building. Apparently a Lutheran religious leader took his whole congregation here on the advice of  British Man he had met while on a visit to London. Imagine the adventure ahead for those people as they set off for South Australia! This is the type of adventurous spirit we love here at My Family Vacation Ideas.  With a similar enthusiasm we set off to craft out a family friendly day trip and were richly rewarded for our efforts.

Hahndorf FoodHahndorf Food

The best advice we can give is to pick up a walking tour map from the local tourism office half way down the main street - where practically everything is located. Some of the more memorable experiences following the items on the map we enjoyed were:

Visiting a cheese shoVisiting a cheese sho

Visiting a cheese shop while our little on learned what cows utters look like and where and how milk, butter and cheese are made. Such conversations see inevitable when confronted with a large cow with a milking bucket located directly under.

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Visiting an industrial scale food factory that makes jams and condiments from locally grown produce.  Although the factory had too many additives added to make it our style of food there is an impressive viewing platform to watch the huge vats of food get made and caned. On the day we visited they were making a speciality tomato sauce we could recognise as before we even walked in the showroom.

At the Jam FactoryAt the Jam Factory

There are two good playgrounds, an IGA supermarket and plenty of kid friendly shops. The girl in the puppet shop was especially friendly to our daughter despite us not  intending to buy anything. Another shop has a fairyland garden, and there are also numerous kids sweet, and toy shops located along the strip.

Hahndorf for KidsHahndorf for Kids