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Why is Indonesia Amazing? With huge volcanoes, jungles, rice paddies and a fascinating culture, Indonesia is easy to like.  Indonesia while not geographically massive does pack a lot in. 

Beach in IndonesiaBeach in Natuna Indonesia

With a population in excess of 250 million and over 17,000 islands you are going to need a little help navigating your way around. While many say to stick to Bali for your first trip to Indonesia, with some decent travel packages, places further afield are entirely possible as well – even with kids in tow. In some countries however it is simply easier to let others take care of the details and these affordable Indonesia Travel Packages can help enormously in this regard. 

If you are traveling with kids we have reviewed a few of the best Indonesia vacation packages throughout many of the islands, but keep in mind that the island of Logbook and others are not as well developed as Bali.  And while kids of any age can easily travel in Bali with its well developed tourism infrastructure you will not find this the case in other areas of Indonesia. You can see some of the top destinations in Indonesia with reviews and accommodation package deals on TripAdvisor.

Travel with kids in indonesia - Tips for Parents.

Indonesia is a Wonderful Indonesian Family Journey

While baby changing is generally accepted when done discreetly breastfeeding or nursing is restricted to only some islands and you would not do it on the island of Java. But even in Bali you may want to avoid feeding the kids up with the local street food and sticking to the better restaurants and keep younger kids to the more developed. 

Valley - Not an easy country on stroolersValley - Not an easy country on stroolers

Many locations are also not really suited to strollers and prams and carrying or shuttling the kids around in a taxi becomes the best option. This can all add up to make it seem like independent traveling in Indonesia seem too difficult and there is more than a bit of truth to this. 

Indonesia Vacation Package or Family Accommodation Package

For families the age of your kids will likely determine the type of Indonesia vacation package you can look for. For families with kids under 12 years of age you will find the hotels really accommodation, and the various resort and accommodation packages are not likely to charge a room rate. In the popular areas of Bali you will almost always have the option of a high chair and have adapted menus if the kids are challenged by the foreign cuisine.  In contrast many of the Bali family hotels will have quality kids clubs which are often included in packages. Often 3 year-old kids and younger can score free admission to attractions. 

If you are simply looking for a family resort in Bali Indonesia they you will do well to check out our Bali Family Holiday review where we give advice on some of the better areas to stay or see the top Bali resorts on Tripadvisor.  If you simply are looking for a flight and accommodation package deal then Expedia is pretty reliable.

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Organised Vacation Package Tours to Indonesia

Climbing an Indonesian Volcano with KidsClimbing an Indonesian Volcano with Kids

Imagine taking in a Lombok Volcano like this with your kids. While the climb is a little steep for little kids there is alway the option for rim walk. Sounds a little dangerous  but for older kids this is excitement plus. 

Indonesia Travel PackagesMore Exotic Indonesia Travel Packages

Some of the Indonesian vacation package offers below are only available for kids 12 years and older, and can even require kids to enjoy cool showers in keeping with the authentic nature of the tour packages – kids don't find this a problem given the ever tropical climate however. 

The best Packaged Tours of Indonesia

Jumping on a Packaged tour of indonesia is not often the first way of travelling many think of but it can allow you to go places and have experiences you may not otherwise trust yourself to organise.  Of course you should always trust your own instincts and logic over handing over responsibility to others but using a good quality travel company like G Adventures can make life a lot easier and enhance the overall experience. 

They have dozens of tours organised across the islands. Some take in big parts on many island while others may specialise on certain islands like Bali and Lombok. While some of their more intense tours exclude children many are perfectly suited to kids 12 year old and over. 

Gili Islands - Part of an Organised Vacation Package to IndonesiaGili Islands - Part of an Organised Vacation Package to Indonesia

For example their 14 days, Sanur to Sanur tour allows you to experience the top attractions of  of Bali and Lombok . You get to snorkel, catch the Balinese shadow puppets, visit waterfall pools go to the Gili Islands,  see floating palaces and temples and more.  

The tours also allow  for guided excursion time and time to seek out your own interests. Cool your heels in secluded  Our CEOs will bring you off the beaten path, where you’ll meet these islands' locals and gain insight into a completely different way of life.

See the Current Family Adventures

Culture in Indonesia

Often the food culture in indonesia can seem a little daunting, but these well organised tours make life easier and direct you in the right direction.

There are a few signals and customs you will do well to follow however, but keep in mind customs change depending which island and which part of Indonesia you are in, then keep an eye on what the locals are doing.

See also our Bali culture tips.

Indonesia has diverse Cultures and ReligionsIndonesia has diverse Cultures and Religions

The basic idea is to respect the culture and people. You don't have to agree with everything and many of the  customs and traditions are very different from western cultures.  Bali is not really Muslim but other areas are then during Ramada refrain from snacking in front of fasting Muslims. In Muslim islands like Java dress modestly with your shoulders to knees should be covered, especially when entering places of worship.

Learn about the culture of saving face and avoiding conflict. These skills will serve you well travelling a lot of Eastern countries.

Food Culture in indonesia

Indonesian Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World

The Food Culture in Indonesia is as rich and varied as the landscape with each island having their own unique twist. 

Also see our Bali food guide

Snacks Indonesian StyleSnacks Indonesian Style

The good thing about the G Adventure tours is there are opportunities to safely sample a good variety of the different recipes and also get down to cooking some of them yourself.

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