Jervis Bay holidays & Family Friendly Activities

Our Review of Jervis Bay holidays for families.

Part of my formula when deciding which places are worth visiting on a road trip is to look at reputations and word of mouth advice. If a place is somewhat hyped as particularly good for some reason I usually take heed and go and experience it for myself.

Often this means you need to share it with plenty of other tourists which wrecks the whole reason it was nice in the first place and and sometimes not. Jervis bay had a little of both of this.

White Sands of Hyams BeachWhite Sands of Hyams Beach

Tourism folk lore has it that Hyams Beach is pretty well a good  show-piece for Jervis Bay as there is. If tourists want to get a postcard shot for their FB or Instagram profile (does Instagram have profiles?) they will usually head here first.  Hyams Beach is even known to the Guinness Book of Records which has it down for having the whitest sand in the world and apparently a team come here to measure and prove it. 

VIDEO: Aerial film of Hyams Beach, Jervis Bay, NSW

White Sands of Hyams BeachWhite Sands of Hyams Beach

The beach on the days we were there were not too crowded and it did look insanely white, with an interesting powdery texture different to that of the equally white sands I had experienced at places like Whitehaven Beach on the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland.  When the sand was on your skin it almost seemed to have a luminescent quality and it glowed from within. You will have to come and see it for yourself to see how accurate this description is. 

Jervis bay Accommodation and things to do

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White Sands of Hyams BeachWhite Sands of Hyams Beach

The only places the beach was not perfectly white was on the entryways which were kind of off white obviously caused by people entering without leaving their shoes at the door. Rarely do you see such an illustration that is in fact the humans which make the environment dirty and not the other way around.  One time we visited we decided to go into one of the little shrub shelter at the back of the beach to shield ourselves from the wind and found it had not been cleared of its rubbish.

Australia is well known for it's beaches and this place comes up in conversions about which beaches are the best on her shores. Hyams Beach on Jervis Bay is a natural wonder and deserves it place in Australian great beach folklore. But the beaches nearby where we stayed were equally as beautiful and white.

Not Far From Jervis BayNot Far From Jervis Bay

Huskisson Beach is located  a little to the south and is known as one of the major service towns on Jervis Bay. Huskisson was laid back enough and there was a gorgeous white sand beach which was as calm as you like for the many families who visited there with us on a Saturday morning - despite steadily rising real estate prices and a growing  population the beach seems to have kept it's holiday vibe for the time being. I suspect if you are reading this post 10 years from not' that's not the case any more as there were more than a few signs of blandish developments.

Huskinson Beach Jervis BayHuskinson Beach Jervis Bay

We visited plenty of other places on the bay as it seem that what there is mostly to do (but why not?). Mostly we stayed however around our wonderful camp site in the National Park. 

VIDEO: Booderee National Park

Huskinson Beach Jervis BayHuskinson Beach Jervis Bay

Where ever you stay on the bay it seems there is one aspect the kids are likely to enjoy and that is watching the submarines visit and take on goods and crew in the harbour. The local navel base uses the bay for training as well and you will likely have squadrons of Black Hawk helicopter flying barely above the vegetation past you at some point. Sometimes on their way to drop crew of onto the subs. Great if you like that kind of thing.

VIDEO: Point Perpendicular - Marks the northern point of Jervis Bay

White Sands of Hyams BeachWhite Sands of Hyams Beach

Climate on Jervis Bay

Despite the story we heard of the freak snowstorm from the tourist information centre guy the weather is usually pretty mild in this part of the south coast of NSW with summer warm enough for enjoyable beach holidays.

VIDEO: drone footage of Huskisson NSW