Kids Travel Kits

A review of Kids Travel Kits. Let some of the most well known experts on kids travel kits share with you their advice. The idea is not to go and keep adding things from all these videos but to help you decide what is essential for your travel. Each family is different then watching a variety of these videos and posts will have you covered. Then reduce to what you know you will need to bring. 

Top Kids Travel Kit IdeasTop Kids Travel Kit Ideas

Our Ideas for a Kids Travel Kit

Here are some of our ideas to get you started.

  • Essential Oil for cuts, scrapes, insect bites and infections.
  • Little sewing kit
  • Kids Camera ($15)
  • An entertainment kit and kids journal- see options below.
  • Little sleeve for collecting things.
  • Change things for toddlers.
  • A health kit - See options below.
  • Lots of old grocery bags - you will find out why.
  • Easy to carry and clean water bottles.
  • Warm clothes because planes are cold.
  • Eucalyptus mints to relieve ear pain for flight take offs and landings. 
  • Essentials you cant get overseas - Especially medications


We love minimalism. This video explores the idea to pack light and then remove half. This is packed full of good ideas and great advice in the style we love. Two adults, two kids, and only one suitcase.

Compliments to my so-called home for the video.

Kids Travel Kits on Pinterest

A variety of kids travel hacks and kits from Pinterest.

Travelling To Europe Travel Kit

Nice video. Personally instead of taking antibiotics we recommend finding the local fermented food and have some handy for all sorts of ailments and keeping belly bugs away.  If you use antibacterial wipes take care they use a natural sanitiser and don't rely on harmful chemicals which can wreak havoc on kids immune system over time. Your kids natural resistance is what they need most.

Thanks to  for this video of a mum deciding what to pack. Great ideas for your young children and babies. The best advice here is if you are traveling for more than a few weeks the problems can become even more pronounced. Here we have advice from a world traveling mother of two (a 5 year old that has visited 19 countries and a 1 year old who has visited 11). 

kids Put travel kits together

HeyKayli takes the kids to put their favorite travel kits together. This is such a great idea. Kids get pumped because they are planning for the trip ahead. Kayle says Traveling can be rough on kids, but bringing along a few of their favorite things and a couple surprises can make such a big difference!Watch them put travel kits together.

Family Travel Kit

Teressa says. "Have you ever wondered what you should pack for your kids on the next flight?" Family Travel Insider, Teresa Strasser, shares her must haves. Personally we are not big fans of taking the ipad for kids. We don't do sweets for our kids either but the advice on finding some sweets for sucking on a plane to help with the ears is a good tip.

Thanks for the video bestwesternTV

Kids car Travel Kit

Thanks to Cherie of LiveLoveLatte who has a great idea to help keep kids busy and entertained when traveling or just out in the car.