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Beautiful Lake Tyre's Near Lakes EntranceBeautiful Lake Tyre's Near Lakes Entrance

Our Review of Lakes Entrance Travel Victoria. Special Note: Yes I was in a bad mood.

Determined to have a good time at Lakes Entrance Victoria and then when we initially found that the Tourist Park, had crammed us in to the tiniest corner by the road we looked for the silver lining Thinking “at least we can get in and out easily”.  Whatever happened on our  week here it was up to up to make the best of it not noticing that I had all along picked up the travel fatigue bug. 

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I had heard about the  travel fatigue bug for most our first few days I was  increasingly becoming aware of the symptoms. Although the park was completely booked out with a retires group gathering we were prepared for this as well and had booked in advance – I fought back the waves of negative opinions I wanted to give out.. After pitching our tent we went yawning our way down to enjoy the short walk down to the main strip where all the family friendly activities I had read about in a 1980's guide book were to take place, only to find the usual mix of fish and chip shops and tourist trap restaurants. Lethargically dragging our heavy carcass back to our uninspiring camp-site. 

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Beautiful Lake Tyre's Near Lakes Entrance

Somewhere during that first day I started our question why we were staying at Lakes Entrance I must have picked up the bug. I figured my jittery hyperactivity was because of coffee overdose and because of a few setbacks like the tourist park did not have internet as promised and the camp-site price had mysteriously gone up in the time between booking and arriving to pay (a too common occurrence these days). Keeping ever optimistic too the endless possibilities for family things to do we looked and looked even harder for things to entertain us.  When the elders group held their talent show a few doors down from our tent we went, watched and cheered them on. When we saw decaying buildings and social problems on the streets we considered these character marks.

90 Mile Beach90 Mile Beach

When it seemed there really didn’t seem anything worthwhile doing in the area but fish and go to the beach we went to the beach again. Lake Tyers was the place that seemed best ail our symptoms. By now we were striking up conversations with any new guests that arrived at the van park for entertainment. We also really appreciated the stories they would tell about places other than Lakes Entrance and other times we begged them to tell us something interesting there was to do in the Lakes Entrance itself. We come here to fish was the usual reply.

Lakes Entrance VictoriaLakes Entrance Victoria

By now I had began to understand what was happening. We had enjoyed such wonderful places to visit along the East Coast of Australia during the summer it was inevitable that one day our road trip would stop seeming like an endless holiday and start seeming like everyday again. Like the people in this park were escaping their everyday lives in Melbourne we also were having a holiday from our vacation. I decided to embrace the routine of our everyday activities like going down to the local supermarket to get food daily, went to the local library to do some work, went and visited beautiful Lake Tyres, and finally appreciated it like a local that has to live through a long dreary winter for the great weather we were having now. Once the diagnosis of travel bug fatigue came through, I was able to embrace the ordinary once again.

Lakes Entrance VictoriaLakes Entrance Victoria

This is a fishing place, more than a family holiday destination, but if you want to find this out for yourself then go for it.

90 Mile Beach90 Mile Beach
Lakes Entrance VictoriaLakes Entrance Victoria