Meribulla Beach and the Sapphire Coast

Our Review of Meribulla Beach and the Sapphire Coast.

Merimbula beach on the Sapphire Coast was the perfect location to round of what had been an a near perfectly hot summer on our East Coast road trip. We had visited  a lot of beaches on what turned out to be the hottest NSW summer on record with more than 30 consecutive days over 30 degrees and although people here in this gorgeous little town surrounding Merimbula lake were noting the hot weather, it didn’t seem too hot for us.

Merimbulla Beach and the SAPPHIRE Coast Holidays

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Merimbula is among the favoured and exotic spots for Melbourneites to head for their summer vacation. And although this often means a two day stopover drive, the lure of the pristine beaches and fresh clean environment make it worth the effort for the many families who make the effort and return year after year. We met one young dad who told us he wanted desperately to relocate his family here after taking many beach holidays here as a kid : if we can only find an income here I would move here in a heartbeat for my family he informed us.

The waters of  the Merimbula's lakes and beaches were impressively clear and pristine. Down at he harbour we got to watch marine animals, including large rays glide under the wharf and through the traffic of teenagers who were plunging into the clear waters below. There were also snorkelers catching the current out past the wharf and making the most on the outstanding water quality and good viability. 

Merimbula Aquarium & Wharf

We spent a lot of time enjoying Merimbula Aquarium & Wharf which had such great atmosphere we did not want to leave.  Although we did not go into the aquarium ourselves, we heard lots of stories from satisfied families who had the chance to learn about sea creatures in a well thought out and far from boring exhibit. When else to kids get to try seaweed juice toothpaste?

Merimbula's Best Beaches

VIDEO: BAR beach

The waters of  the Merimbula lakes and beaches were impressively clear and pristine. Down at he harbor we got to watch marine animals including large rays glide under the wharf through the traffic of teenagers who were plunging into the clear waters below and snorkelers catching the current out past. 

The beaches were equally wonderful with a good variety of both surf beaches and clear calm water beaches that you would happily take your toddler out in scrupulously supervised. Some of the favored beach activities in the ares include:

  • Merimbula Bar Beach is a great family beach away from the elements. On the day we were there we heard the accents of families from around the world, and I could help but wonder if there were any nicer places in the world for a family to visit on such a day. If your family does like snorkeling this is also the place to do that as well.
  • Main Beach - Kids can enjoy surfing the left-hander at Main Beach down by the bar.
  • With especially small kids you may like to head to the shallow Spencer Park Beach. Schedule some time here to enjoy the payground. 
  • Tura Beach tops for great family walks and scenery.

Bournda National Park

Bournda National Park - You have heard about Wine Glass Bay in Tasmania but what about this one. Here you will also find great beaches away from civilisation but also get to enjoy the red rock scenery the Soutt Coast of NSW is well known for. $7  for car entry. 

Tathra Day Trip

Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is an old school type amusement park where you can buy a inclusive wristband or a bundle of tickets for different activities and rides. Probably the most impressive aspect is the Magic Mountain Tree Climb Challenge of some impressive flying fox adventures. To take three separate courses including training will set you back about $30

The Merimbula Boardwalk

 The reward of taking the boardwalk around the lake,, and spotting little creatures like mud crabs and ouster gardens was well worth the effort and something to include in your itinerary for some easy downtime with your kids. The nice part is it seems completely safe and contained. All you need do is stop the kids flopping of the boardwalk and getting wet in the shallow waters of the bay. 

NRMA Merimbula Beach Holiday Park

We stayed at the Merimbula Tourist Park which was on Central Beach Headland. The park is on of the massive NRMA parks and has pretty well anything you can imagine for kids and adults including a prepared pizza oven, multiple indoor and outdoor camp kitchens of good quality, a licensed restaurant with live music, huge splash pools water parks playgrounds and clean amenities. We dis hear some grumblings over the music and reports that Tween Waters across town was as good or better. But all in all the experience was good value and good quality. 

Potoroo Palace

Potoroo Palace and the native Australian animals that entertain the visitors there seem to have a natural affinity with primary school aged kids.  I like to look for animal parks where the animals are well cared for and this one ticks those boxes nicely.

Ben Boyd National Park

A visit to  Ben Boyd National Park  by  Pambula is also often high on many families agenda and can provide a complete holiday experience in itself. 


Eden to the South of Merimbula hosts more of the whaling activities. If you visit during May throug to November) you also get a chance to enjoy the Whale Festival (the main festival is in November).  The Killer Whale Museum is has boats, and photos which celabrate the whaling industry and more recent conservation efforts. 

Getting  to Merimbula

Merimbula is a bit of a trip by car from the larger centers of Sydney and Melbourne and you may prefer to catch a flight. Keep in mind it is not really serviced by the major discount operators and you may need to settle for a Regional Express flight from one of these cities. The good part is you are only a few minutes from town when you arrive. By car the Princes highway is not too busy as most traffic goes along the more direct routes between Sydney and Melbourne, but you can get held up by grey nomads and their caravans from time to time.