Mildura Family Holiday Ideas

Our Mildura Family Holiday Ideas Review.

Mildura is not the first place you would think if you are planning to make a family holiday to remember. First of all the location on a river by the edge of a dessert is not quite the stuff iconic and traditional holiday dreams are made of in Australia. We prefer the beach. Also the thought of getting caught during a heat wave out by the dessert is kind of a nightmarish scenario. 

Victoria Vacation Spots:

The Riverboats

TIP - Kids will love the Australian story of the riverboats. THis video explores the important place they played in Australia's development:

See Mildura vacations on Tripadvisor for more information on places to stay and things to do and Houseboats.

Typical Mildura Houseboat Today

Huge Orchards on our Mildura Family HolidayHuge Orchards on our Mildura Family Holiday

Mildura Quick Facts:

  • Crops produce  much of Australia's  grapes.
  • Find also wineries, citrus, almonds and dried fruit.
  • Named after a local homestead.
  • population 31 000
  • Hottest day 48.4C
  • Coldest night - 9C
Campground on the Murray RiverOur Campground on the Murray River

We also were not going to Mildura a first choice for a summer vacation, but rather spending a few days stopping over as part of a bigger trip with more glamorous destinations in mind.  We were on our way back from South Australia and had driven across the Hay Plains and South Australian river country from the Barossa Valley and simply needed somewhere mildly entertaining for our family as kind of a filler until we reached the east coast. 

Paddle Steamers on the Murray RiverPaddle Steamers on the Murray River

In the Barossa we had met an adventurous ex European family who was cycling around and liked to take holidays that were a little outside the usual cannon of Australian summer beach vacations and were urging us to spend time on a river boat, or a house boat – en experience they were supper enthused about. 

We didn't have the budget to book a house boat but if we did there would have evidently been hundreds of options in Mildura, given the number vessels secured in locks and along the river itself. 

Houseboats on the Murray RiverHouseboats on the Murray River

With a little flexibility of thought I can see how this would make for great family holidays. Even in the heat of summer you could jump of the deck of your houseboat into the murky brown waters. I had grown up ? TK  or went to school away from the coast and the weekends of my childhood were full of memoires of swimming in similarly coloured waters and one of the best was called Blackwater Creek.

Murray River and Darling River Meeting PlaceMurray River and Darling River Meeting Place

I'm not sure why we as Australians shun our river culture a little. The Missisippi in the United States is often heralded for its rich history, traditions and holds a special place in the hearts of popular culture's idea of boyhood.  The Murry River  in Australia where it runs through Mildura was every bit a busy and as colourful as it's brother river in the United States. The best way to celebrate this rich culture is to stay on the river itself on a houseboat or camping beside it.

Perry Sand HillsPerry Sand Hills

I have say however that I am extremely glad we changed our plans at the last minute and drove across through this region outside of summer – our original schedule. Driving through in the late autumn meant it was more than warm enough to enjoy activities like the Perry Sand Hills without cooking ourselves. Don't do that to yourselves either!

Houseboats on the Murray RiverHouseboats on the Murray River
Houseboats on the Murray RiverHouseboats on the Murray River
Mildura Family HolidayMildura Family Holiday

Video: Orange World

Mildura Family HolidayMildura Family Holiday
Melons - Perry Sand HillsMelons - Perry Sand Hills
Perry Sand HillsPerry Sand Hills
Perry Sand HillsPerry Sand Hills
Perry Sand HillsPerry Sand Hills