Muir Woods Redwood Forest

What a sight to see and experience Muir Woods Redwood Forest with your family! Open daily from 8 am we really do recommend you arrive there on time, especially in summer, or you won't get a park. 

Accommodation near Muir Woods National Monument

This  National Monument was the first and is only 19 km north of San Francisco over and into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 

This area of Redwood trees was somehow saved  by the man (William Kent) who enjoyed playing in these forests as a child himself when all around the other magnificent trees were getting torn down.  While many of these giants are around 1000 years old some go back much further through history.  When one of these monsters fall other Redwoods  rise up to take its place, sprouting a straight track of new saplings  rising up in a line. 

The coastal Sequoia redwoods of Muir Woods. You will find especially large trees in the Bohemian and Cathedral groves at over  250 feet.

The weather here is never really that warm, then go prepared for cold weather. This is especially true in the shoulder seasons and winter. But at least that means it is a little easier to find a park.

Biography of John Muir 

Kids may enjoy hearing the biography of John Wood. For interest, children can learn the location of time in which he walked these areas in comparison to a trees life.  Perhaps you could even locate this time somewhere along the trunk of a tree.


This documentary takes you on a tour along the John Muir Trail. In this tour teenagers follow  John Muir’s footsteps.