New York City Family Vacation

How exciting to even write about planning a New York City Family Vacation!

To begin with the attractions we list on this page and those you see on others are ever only going to hold a small portions of the activities available on such a large and diverse city. 

Then won't have any problems finding family friendly attractions and to prove it here is young Nicks selection

Top New York City Accommodation Options

 When we first went to New York as part of our honeymoon we didn't do a whole lot of planning. This wasn't only because we were busy getting wed, but also because the whole thing can seem a bit daunting.  Mostly we jumped in thinking we would plan a lot of things as they came for the few days we were there before we boarded our honeymoon cruise.  We loved the whole experience in any case, but could have benefited from a little extra planning. 

Planning a New York City Family Vacation

Where to find more information to help plan your New York City Family Vacation? 

Travel videos also can help you plan your New York vacation. Video seems to tell more than words can sometimes. Here is one of the more popular New York videos done by Expedia. It's almost as good as young Nicks (video above). 

Should I visit times Square

And if you are honest with yourself, you will likely need to admit to yourself that you will get as much of a Buzz from this iconic location as your kids.  And if you need a little extra stimulation you can go visit the big Toys R Us located here and take a little break while the kids destroy the store. Also look for the discounted tickets to Broadway shoes the kids may enjoy here.

Times square would do well on almost any families plan. In many ways Times Square personifies the excitement that New York is all about. While these days there are more dizzying and colorful electric squares in around this one remains a classic. The central location will likely also mean you are on your way to and from somewhere anyway.

Where to eat with kids in new york

Classy Food Options with the Kids

Then if you would like to treat your kids to something a little more upscale, then remember everything possible in New York. In this case six second graders  at a seven-course tasting menu with a price tag of $220 a person

The Street Food

Kids will love experiencing the street food culture. We stayed in Manhattan on our stay and like all great world cities, the street food here rocks. We budgeted and stayed in a hotel for about $100 a night because we were going on the cruise.  We were also a little concerned we were going to blow our whole budget on food. New York is a big city after all.  These concerns were not really well founded as there were markets,  mini supermarkets and lots of street food available.  There were good value meal offering around nearly every corner, and being a foreigner (from Australia) I wanted to try it all and see what New Yorkers  buy on the street for real - beyond all the myths. 

I do have to say though the portion sizes across America are consistently a little on the ridiculously large extreme and you may want to consider sharing some orders if you are not trying to put on weight for a movie roll or something. 

Some Classic New York with kids Experiences

Here are a few videos of some experiences to consider when you are making your own itinerary for New York

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park

FAO Schwarz Toy Store New York City

Children's Museum of the Arts

Empire State Building

Staten Island Children's Museum

Smuggle the Children in