Paris Family Vacation - with kids!

You may notice in our Paris Family Vacation Ideas that not all the iconic locations are given full attention while there are other attractions and accommodation options that you may not expect to see. We tried to see Paris from the perspective of kids and what they have responded to in the past.

This video highlights what can go wrong with kids in Paris as well as hitting on some family friendly bright spots which kids really did love.

Kids are not going to love a fully packed itinerary heading from one iconic location to another. When you see Paris from the kid's perspective you're more likely to connect with it yourself and see it with fresh eyes on undiluted from the clutter of expectations and stereotypes. 

Thanks to Tara Cannon for posting this public video of the family Visiting Paris with Toddlers and Kids.

Things to Do in Luxembourg Garden

With puppet shows, huge playgrounds and an all round great family place to recharge the batteries ready for another round of sightseeing the Luxembourg Gardens are a sure fired way to appeal to everyone on the family in some sense. 

A renaissance garden is really intended as a child friendly space.   devoted to kids, including acres of slides and swings. While it will cos t a few dollars to enter (which seems wrong for a park) there  are  more than enough activities to keep them going and going in a safe space. Many of the iconic carousel pictures of Paris are taken here. 

Video of the Things to do in this historical Paris Park: 

Eiffel Tower for Kids

Don't assume your kids will automatically love the Eiffel Tower and it's busy surrounds, but there are enough alternate attractions, playgrounds and rides and pedal cars to keep them adequately stimulated while you enjoy your own gawk at this famous icon. Check out the video as a primer and discuss climbing before you arive. You will definitely want to book online if that seems the appropriate course of action for your family.

Tuilleries Garden

If you do find itself in the vicinity of the Louvre,  The Tuileries Garden is a the place you one to head with the kids. Green space is always at such a premium in big cities and fortunately Paris is scattered with quality playgrounds. Located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde.

The Louvre with Kids

Thinking of visiting the Louvre in Paris, with kids. Check out this child centred perspective from the Erickson Family.

Kids in Paris

City Walks of the Catacombs

A sure way to get the attention of hard to impress teenagers is to take them down to the catacombs on and organized walking tour.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

This video is not in English but the sounds of kids whooshing on rides is similar in any language as is the appeal. The park is full of train rides and thrills in the Paris style but watch out for the unfortunate junk food and bring your own healthy stuff won't you?

Can I Visit Versailles With Children?

Versailles with kids is possible but you are going to run into lots of hassles as this video will testify to. If you are game give it a try but plan lots beforehand. Children will appreciate a lot of the outdoor aspects and gardens more than the historical tours obviously - unless your child is different - which is fine too.