Petra Jordan Vacation

A Petra, Jordan vacation with your family allows you to explore the lost city renowned for it's rose colored rock artifacts and buildings, temples and palaces which have been constructed out of the stone walls by the Nabateans hundreds of years before Christ walked nearby. Entry was about JD 20 at the time of writing and children under 15 are free.

Petra Jordan VacationPetra Jordan Vacation

If you travel through Israel you can collect your baby supplies there or alternately in the capital of Amman you can also find nappies / diapers and other essentials. 

Petra FAMILY Friendly Accommodation

Find the top family friendly Petra accommodation options on TripAdvisor.

Bedouin boy riding a donkey | Flickr Creative CommonsBedouin boy riding a donkey

Taxis, Busses, and Fights to Petra

If you are looking to get to Petra, Jordan by taking a flight you can't get there direct  because there is no airport nearby. People have to fly either to Amman or Aqaba or Eilat in Israel and then arrange a transfer by bus, privater transfer or taxi.  From your landing destination you can easily catch a bus from one of the companies which scoot passengers down to Petra once they get a full load.  

By Freedom's Falcon (Own work) ,via Wikimedia CommonsLocal Taxi

The other obvious choice is to fly into Israel and then take the journey from there. This is the more popular choice because it offers a more interesting journey in some respects, and the capital of Jordan, Amman is hours away from Petra. Then you may as well fly into Israel and make your way from there.

Traveling from Israel to Petra is not too difficult. Most people travel to Eilat and then cross into Aqaba. You can see Eilat right down the bottom of Israel in the map below and we provide details of how to enjoy and make the most of this trip with your family on our Israel to Petra page.

You will find the costs vary through the year and you can get big savings during the hotter months. But prepare yourself because Jordan is among the hottest driest areas of the world.  Also in January and February you can expect some rain.

Petra Image Creative CommonsPetra

You may also want to avoid the month of Ramadan (usually in September) which will seriously hamper travel and services. You can easily plan either of these routes by using the Expedia form we have provided below. 

Entry Permits

For about $30 you can get 15 day entry permit from the border. (applies to most English speaking countries)

Petra Accommodation and travel information

When it comes time to research the places mentioned in this review we also recommend you visit TripAdvisor who have comprehensive reviews of all the family accommodation and attractions available at the world heritage site and nearby.  See all the reviews and information on Petra here.

We found the 180 room Mövenpick Resort Petra with a distinct Middle Eastern touch and views of the Great Rift Valley was a great option at the higher end of the market for families. 

Mövenpick Resort PetraMövenpick Resort Petra

The buffet options and dishes were appropriate and interesting for both Adults and children alike and there were a choice of seven different dinning options. The resort itself was also really close to the entrance which makes it easy to get the kid off to an early start 

More information reviews and offers on the Mövenpick Resort Petra at TripAdvisor.

VIDEO: Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts in Jordan

Packages are also available from places like Expedia and it's quite easy to put together a flight and accommodation package online and save a little in the process.

Food at Petra

Obviously you are not going to find cheap authentic Bedouin food in the more tourist areas of Petra. While hummus, fool, kebabs and felafel are plentiful you will find you don't quite get the value you will get in other extremely affordable areas of Jordan. Having the kids watch these video and learn to identify with them will help them to adapt to them once they arrive. You may also like to make or buy some of these from your local supermarket and become familiar with them before you go. Generally speaking Jordanian food is not too challenging for kids however. Our little girl often asks for hummus from us without our prompting.

Map of Petra

This map of Petra shows it's location , while the map below will help you plan your way around.

While most families are hugely impressed by this area as a tourist attraction some are put of by what they see as animal cruelty as the camels and donkeys can work long hours in the hot sun. As you can imagine these animals also do their share of pooping and attracting flies as well.

Images are Creative Commons - Wikipedia (above image) see more information . Flicr CC image right

Map of Petra Jordan

Petra World Heritage Site

Petra World Heritage SitePetra World Heritage Site

Petra is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and will inspire your kids imagination and curiosity about the ancient world. A world heritage site because of its spectacular ancient ruins. 

Family Travel in Jordan 

Traveling to Petra is not the only attraction for families in Jordan. This video below runs for about 50 minutes and give a good overview of the history culture and attractions of Jordan. This makes for good viewing even if you don't plan to visit the whole country. 

Some experiences you may find tempting are the Red Sea which is less expensive than on the Iranian shore, the Dead Sea well known for it's mud baths and high salinity.