Port Elliot Family Holiday Review

Our kid centered Port Elliot Family Holiday Review:


Because Victor Harbour has such a to offer we decided to visit Port Elliot as well and expand our range of experience in this wonderful holiday coastline that South Australian families are  familiar with.  When the school holidays once again tick around these are the first places which are sought out by the locals. 

We even met families that had travelled all the way to make the area their regular holiday destination.  “Our family doesn't have and holiday traditions, than mum said we are going to come here every year to make one for ourselves”, said one of the kids our daughter had befriended at the  Victor Harbor Beach front Holiday Park. 

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This region has such a lot to offer families and we decided while we were there that we could happily live in the area if it were not for the cool winters and winds in the shoulder seasons. Others seem to share our sentiment and only this week on the radio I hear that this is the happiest political area in the country according to a national study.

PORT ELIOTPORT ELIOT jetty at Horseshoe Bay

We spent the day mostly at the historical port. A large horseshoe shaped bay which was also pivotal linchpin in the Development of early Australia.  Murry River trade ended not far from here , and as it was too difficult to bring the cargo out at the river mouth Port Elliot was chosen as the destination where the trains would bring the goods across for further shipping onto the international port of Adelaide.  However it was not a great choice and over the following years scores of boats would sink it the harbour as more and more attempts were made to make it safe. 

PORT ELIOT at Horseshoe BayPORT ELIOT at Horseshoe Bay
PORT ELIOT jetty at Horseshoe BayPORT ELIOT jetty at Horseshoe Bay

Eventually rising insurance costs and the realisation of the futility meant it Port Elliot was abandoned as a commercial harbour.  Australians first steam railway that serviced it needed extending down to Victor Harbour where a calmer harbour was found from the harsh winter winds and storms.

PORT ELIOT jetty at Horseshoe BayPORT ELIOT jetty at Horseshoe Bay
Historic PORT ELIOT at Horseshoe Bay

While the commerce is gone in it's place are the history in the original buildings and structures. And while this was not a  sustainable place to park ships, it has proven an ideal location for community gardens and it's easy even now to imagine it's place of  social importance. We spend hours climbing and exploring the trails around the harbour, enjoying the original old jetty, and historical pines which have been planted to individually honour men of the area lost to the stupidity of war. Take the time here to consider the implications of war with your kids and the senseless loss of life it causes. 

Historic PORT ELIOT at Horseshoe BayHistoric PORT ELIOT at Horseshoe Bay

The gardens have quite an imaginative flair, and we let our little-one take charge of directions for a while knowing that most paths would take us back to the playgrounds, beach, restaurants and facilities below.

PORT ELIOT at Horseshoe BayPORT ELIOT at Horseshoe Bay