Queensland Family Vacation Ideas

Looking for some great Queensland family holiday ideas for your next trip to the sunshine state? 

Queensland seems Australia's most tourist-ed state with millions flocking both in winter and summer to enjoy it's natural attractions and it's capacity for hospitality. But here we uncover some secret hideaways and secrets shared from the locals which make planning a family vacation easier.

VIDEO: Roadtrip: Brisbane to Cairns

Join us on our Family Road trip from Cairns and Cape Tribulation to Brisbane and the Gold Coast stopping at all the top vacation destinations.

These Queensland family holiday ideas are sure to inspire mums and dads with kids of all ages. 

Gold Coast Quensland Vacation Holiday

 We begin in the heavily commercialized Gold Coast and it's golden beaches and play our way north through all the family friendly zones until we reach the Tropical rain forests and reef islands of the far north of the state.

VIDEO: Gold Coast Australia, Cool things for kids

The Gold Coast is easily accessible with $100 (or less) flights available from most major Australian cities and more options than you will have time.  You had better plan in advance what to do. 

Theme parks like Dreamworld Movie World and Sea world are exhilarating on both the wallet and the senses.  We take a closer a look at these and what other attractions are available in what has long been regarded as Australia's Family Friendly playground. And only an hour from Brisbane. See Gold Coast Family Friendly Review.

Brisbane Family Vacation Ideas

Queensland's largest city of Brisbane is not targeted as a family vacation destination but it is in many ways.

Southern Queensland Country Family Vacations

Personally my wife and I brought our little girl to this area to grow up. We previously lived in the tropical north of the state near Cairns. We find the area has a yesterday year pace of life, and a four seasons climate not found in other parts of Queensland. I also love how the land becomes more sparse and open as you come over the Great Dividing range.

Festivals like the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival in Stanthorpe and Jumpers and Jazz in July in Warwick bring in loads of day trippers from Brisbane and are packed with activities for kids. We find tenting is a fine way to explore the area in Summer.

Toowoomba is a Key city and home to the Cobb & Co Museum  and some of the best child friendly parklands you are likely to find anywhere.  

VIDEO: Our Bunya Mountains Camping Trip

To the west of Toowoomba the Bunya Mountains tower above the farmlands and host the biggest Bunya stand in the world. A great place for a family camping trip.

The Southern Queensland Country website is the best place to visit for more information on this quite large area with stacks of option.

Sunshine Coast Queensland Family Vacation Ideas

Learn more about the wonderful Sunshine Coast family holiday ideas.

Fraser Coast Queensland Family Vacations

Fraser Island which is easily accessed from Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach from the South is the most appropriate reason for families to visit the area. The whole area is a mecca for families looking to enjoy a wholesome, old school style beach vacation packed with swimming, exploring and fishing. IN this area you can jump in your SUV / 4X4 and drive for miles and miles on beaches plotting your adventure as you go.

Outback Queensland Family Vacation

The outback is clearly a vast area of Queensland. If you are looking to do the outback in one location in Queensland the probably you should head to Longreach where the where the Australian Stockman's Hall of Fame & Qantas Founders Museum are located. Waltzing Matilda also had it's birthplace in this area. The local automobile association (RACQ) is one of the best places to look for more information on outback Queensland.

If you like your outback family vacation a little more convenient however I would recommend flying to Cairns and driving over the rain forest covered mountains to what very quickly becomes the outback within an hour or two. Do some outback caving once you arrive.

Great Barrier Reef Queensland Vacations

The Great Barrier Reef is vast and continues for about 2000 km along the Queensland Coast. This provides for a lot of scope in planning your family adventure.  Here are a couple of good options:

One of the more spectacular adventures we could recommend on this site is camping in Whitsunday Islands National Park. Surprisingly secluded areas of the reef exist where you can camp on coral rubble with reef fringed secluded beaches available when you open your tent flap. 

See more on camping in the Whitsundays.

Cairns and the Far North Reviews

Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

North of Cairns towards the top end of this vast area the reef literally kisses the shoreline. It's in these areas you can easily reach the reef with shorter day trips available throughout the year. See more on Cairns reef trips.

Cape Tribulation

Daintree Rainforest With Kids | Jungle Surfing | Vlog

If you have other ideas for a Queensland family adventure please share them below.