Sea of Cortez Family Travel

The Sea of Cortez is a classic spot for your family to get in touch with nature in a marine environment. 

 Spotting sea lions, seals in the area of Northwestern Mexico known to many as Baja California which stretches for almost 1000 km and was made famous by sea explorers.

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Cabo San Lucas

Even down to the small school fish and sardines which you can make out in detail around some of the clear water fringed islands are fascinating in themselves to watch. But when the hordes of other marine creatures, rays, playful sea lions, crabs and other critters come to play the are comes alive with excitement which is infectious.

For a long time I had not been that excited about exploring this area on a family vacation , thinking it was simply a dry bit of dessert with not much to offer of substance. I could mot have been more wrong.

The area is striking in it's beauty, in a way that it is really hard to capture truly on camera or film.  Even the experience of being surrounded by a pod of dolphins or spotting a humpback whale nearby is somehow not quantifiable and only really an experiential thing. From January until March you are always a chance of encountering this for yourself.

Apart from Western Australia this is also one of the best locations on Earth to catch sight of a whale (filter) shark. This is one of the largest species of anything, anywhere. Bahia de os Angelies is the place to find these magnificent creatures.

Look for sea Kayak companies which will run tours from around Loreto and La Pez if you are looking to do a kuyaking tour

The Capes

Los Cabos and the capes are  where a lot of family vacation makers will head to enjoy the best of the tourism infrastructure but there are a lot of other options.

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