Seal Rocks NSW

Why Seal Rocks was on my radar for a day trip from Forster was a bit of a mystery. We hardly knew anything about the place as we set of on the hour road trip down the coast through the great Myall Lakes district. 

Bay by Seal RockBay by Seal Rock

Surely we were not going find real seals but the name did seem to invite visions of some type of pristine escape. We were not to know that when we arrived we would arrive at an Australia that belongs to another time in history, before the developers won, and relaxed cafes and dusty beach roads were the main signs of paradise found.

VIDEO: Seal Rocks from Myall Lakes & Forster

Seal RocksSeal Rocks

The roads there got narrower the closer we got, until we were down to a single lane. And although I was travelling at the maximum legal speed I was getting seriously tail-gated. As is my habit when followed by an obviously obnoxious tailgater I slowed down and enjoyed the drive all the more. Not wanting to inconvenience anyone else I kept a good eye out to see I wasn't slowing anyone else down. Eventually I found my softer side and pulled over to watch the somewhat psychotic energy of the supped up SUV muscle car fury past  in obvious distress and full of insults.

I'm not sure if the driver had chosen to visit this pristine natural location to let nature chill them out from their obvious type A tendencies or if the driver simply liked the hobby of Saturday summer long weekend tailgating. I was beginning to wonder if the trip would live up to expectations when we rounded the final bend and was greeted by the magnificent blue bay with swathes of families sealing around on the playful beach. 

Map of Saal Rocks NSW

To top it off Muscle Man had lost the last remaining good car park to us because he had been to aggressive in seeking a better park closer to the beach. I gave my nicest smile as I slipped into the park while watching him drive away up the hill looking for any park now. Apparently this place is popular on Summer weekends. Such a lot of happy energy of families playing on the beaches was evident as we inspected the beach and took the time for a little rest and relaxation ourselves. About the only person who wasn't happy was Mr. Muscle Man who seemed to have picked up a severe oil leak and was busy under his car trying to fix it.

Happy Day at Seal RocksHappy Day at Seal Rocks

Beyond the bay was another which was the entry way to Sugar-loaf Lighthouse which was an enjoyable 20 minute walk which at the end offered some pretty incredible views to beaches  which head of for miles in three different directions. We were advised by the locals that the ding signs were not really a concern for our three year old and that they are rarely sighted. Follow the directions on the signs and you won't have any problems.

Seal Rocks NSW Accommodation

Find out more about the accommodation options at Seal Rocks including the tourist park and lighthouse + read the reviews TripAdvisor.

VIDEO: Sugarloaf Lighthouse Accommodation

VIDEO: Seal Rocks Camping

Bay by Sugerloaf Light HouseBay by Sugerloaf Light House
Busy Weekend at Seal RocksBusy Weekend at Seal Rocks
Clear water of Seal RocksClear water of Seal Rocks
Relaxed and PristineRelaxed and Pristine
Blowhole at Seal RocksBlowhole at Seal Rocks
The Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSWThe Lighthouse at Seal Rocks NSW
Beach at Seal RocksBeach at Seal Rocks