Submit Travel Articles Online

While we do pay for exceptional content provided it meets our standards and we approve it as appropriate and relevant for our site, we do however advise to look elsewhere if you are only submitting articles for pay. 

We are currently only building the website but look forward to the day we can pay travel writers who make the world a better place.

Pay for travel articles status

As we accept our first articles we will adapt pay scales and and what's required for articles to achieve quality status.

The please DO submit your articles. If your article is accepted we will pay the rates listed:

First = $45.oo per article

Until a profit sharing program is established. 

Currently we ARE NOT paying for travel articles in trial status.

About the pay scales

The pay scales reflect a few different considerations.

Firstly we realize it is important to have quality content and accept $45.00 to begin with, may not always reflect the price of the work provided.

We would like to generate a web community genuinely interested in creating employment opportunities for others and themselves, and providing opportunities for others to support themselves or simply earn a little pocket money.This takes a commitment to quality.

Fot the project to sustain itself long term requires quality articles, and for the writers themselves to share their work with friends. Making an effort to post your work on Facebook / Twitter will help ensure there is more work and opportunities into the future.

Also keep in mind the project is funded by a couple (literally 2) web masters, who run one other website to fund this project. And it takes a long time, and hundreds of articles, before websites can generate enough funds to support themselves and earn an income.

As the site does become successful pay rates will increase for those contributors who have made the site a success. 

We will continue to work on and introduce over time pay scales that will also take into account things like the amount of views, or the amount of fb likes a page or article gets.

What do quality articles look like?

You can get a good idea of the sort of content or articles we are looking for by looking at some of the articles already on this site. Simply have a browse around to see what we have already published. Note that the site is developing and some pages are better than others. If you have a format or style that works, then we are happy to see your submission and consider it. We are looking for original articles that are not replicated in any form or paraphased on other sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages can I submit?

There is not any restriction on the amount of pages you submit. You get paid more depending on how many articles you have written.

How do I get paid?

Once a page has:
been approved as quality content and uploaded
been approved as original - passes all our copyright tests as completely original (not replicated on other sites)
we have your Paypal records
then we can then credit your Paypal account - usually we do this at the same time as your page is uploaded and published.

What do we regard as quality writing?

Original, creative and written to families preparing and planning family vacations.

A good coverage of the destination or topic covering the major attractions, and things to do, and four or five of the best family attractions of a place you know well is likely to meet the mark.

Keep to the conventions of good web writing. You may well know better than we do.

  Do you accept guest articles?

We accept articles and will place your reciprocal link if your articles meet standards and format.