Tasmania Family Vacation Ideas

As an Aussie I like to think Tasmania is on top of the world rather than down under Australia. Australia's coolest and most southern island state is renowned for it's natural, rugged wilderness populated by a sparse population of about 500 000. 

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This is good news for families looking for some space to explore one of few remaining vast areas of wilderness remaining on the planet. You will have lots of room to move. 

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The summer months are generally the preferred months of travel and temperatures remain quite mild even through the hottest part of the year.

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Tasmania Family Walks

Tasmania has two beaches regularly mentioned in the best beaches in the world awards. Then as you can imagine that makes for stacks more fabulous isolated beaches to trek with your family. In fact they say in Tasmania if you arrive on a beach with people on it then find another beach. Wineglass Bay is the most famous spectacular natural beach on the East Coast has some great shorter walks to suit the youngest children to more challenging overnight walks. 

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Bicheno Tasmania

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Bicheno is typical, although a little spectacular, slice of what makes a Tasmania vacation great for families. Although only a small town of about 1000 residents it offers penguin tours, a blowhole, East Coast Natureworld and a motorcycle museum all set in a splendid natural seaside landscape.

Tasmania Family Wilderness Experience 

Mt Anne from High Shelf Camp edit 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons  commons.wikimedia.orgTasmanian Wilderness

Spectacular Cradle Mountain is usually on the itinerary for most looking to make the most of the rugged island location and immerse themselves in the scenery. Brimming with trout filled lakes rising to 1500 meter peaks this really is a wilderness experience to behold. Find more Information on the family experience available here ranging from short day walks with young children to six day cross park treks with teenagers here:  www.parks.tas.gov.au

Tasmania Rugged Beauty

Family Cultural Experiences in Tasmania 

Tasmania is one of Australia's oldest settlements. This quickly becomes evident in the old Georgian Buildings scattered along the harbor. This really makes for a quaint easy to navigate small city abundantly suitable for parents with children of all ages.  

At Salamanca Place in the city of Hobart a market known and renowned for it's color and gourmet flavors and rich music bursts into life from 8.30 until 3.00 pm.  In fact the state of Tasmania as a whole is generally recognized as THE place in Australia to find exquisite tastes in  foods ranging from fresh ouster, and delicatessen delights to flavorsome cheeses, apples and many other old world specialties. They say it's the cooler weather that concentrates the flavors.

Accommodation In Tasmania

Once you have done your research and chosen where you would like to go in Tasmania. Your next best step is to choose an appropriate travel period and the read a few of the TripAdvisor reviews on the best accommodation options for families in Tasmania. Use the family friendly filter at the top of the screen. Also don't neglect to also compare options like vacation rentals, bed and breakfast, and holiday park options. All of this you can do in the link above.

Mona for Children

A lot of parents are curios as to weather Mona is recommended for children. While there areas not suitable for children are marked with red and there are some questionable exhibitions which may challenge children, generally speaking Mona will stimulate good conversations with children approaching adolescence and beyond. At the very least you should check out the Mona Website before you go. Keep in mind they will need to share their ipad for information on the exhibitions as these are not issued to children.

Personally I find it more offensive to see kids piled up at the Cadbury chocolate factory across town. But again this is a decision for every parent and it is best to find activities that share your values.

For such a small state Mona is a truly world class museum

  • Museum of Old and New Art
  • 655 Main Road Berriedale
  • Hobart Tasmania 7011
  • Australia
  • Open from Wed-Mon
  • 10am-5pm
  • Open 7 days in January

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